Four Seasons Timeshare, Housing Development Progress

In March 2007 Disney announced a partnership with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts which includes the development of fractional ownership timeshare units as well as single-family homes on what is currently Disney property.  Today's Orlando Sentinel reveals a few more details on the project.

Plans filed by Disney have begun to make their way through Orange County's governmental offices.  Scott Powers from the Sentinel provides additional detailsabout the project. 

Rezoning plans now circulating in Orange County government's planning division remain limited in detail but suggest a neighborhood like no other: a gated community of estate homes, village homes, courtyard homes, cluster-villa homes and condominiums closer than most of Disney's hotels to the world's most popular theme parks. Disney is asking Orange County to rezone the property as a planned development, with areas defined for single-family homes, multifamily homes, time-share units and conservation easements.

Altogether, the project could encompass as many as 373 single-family homes, 200 multifamily homes and 60 time-share units, though the final tallies are expected to be lower.

The article suggests that these developments would be most attractive to wealthy foreign visitors with ample resources to invest in real estate adjacent to Walt Disney World and developed by Disney Imagineers.

The entire development could take more than a decade to complete.  

Source:  Orlando Sentinel