New Referral Incentive - $500 Purchase Bonus

Disney Vacation Club has unveiled a new promotional incentive for those buying 160 or more points -- a $500 gift card if they are referred by an existing DVC member.

The terms of the deal are similar to what DVC has been offering for the last several months:

160 points or more at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas
$8 per point discount for net price of $96 per point
Matching set of Developer's Points to be used at Saratoga Springs or for Interval International trade within one year of purchase
No dues payable until May 2009
AKV points cannot be used for a stay prior to May 2009

 In addition to the above terms, if the buyer has a referral from an existing DVC member, they will receive a $500 gift card

Buyers will receive one $500 gift card for each 160 points purchase.  A total purchase of 320 points would net $1000 in gift cards.  480 points would yield $1500 in rewards, and so on.

Potential buyers interested in obtaining this bonus are welcome to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain referral information.  

No ending date has been established for this promotion.  Promotional offers do change frequently.  Readers should consult our Current Pricing and Promotions page for a list of the offers currently available.