DVC in TWDC ‘06 Annual Report

The 2006 Annual Report for The Walt Disney Company was recently posted on the Internet and DVC warranted a brief mention.

Among its comments:                                                                                     

Due to strong demand, capacity is being expanded at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa in Florida, where a third phase of construction is currently underway. And in late 2006, DVC announced the addition of its eighth resort – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, which is expected to open its first phase in fall 2007. As demand continues to grow, the DVC experience can be extended to any of the world’s most popular and appealing destinations, providing significant growth potential for this fastgrowing business.

Other sections of the annual report displayed concept art for theme park attractions at various stages of development.  While theme park fans can catch a glimpse of attractions they may one day experience, DVC members weren’t quite so lucky.  Aside from the brief mention of the Animal Kingdom Villas, the annual report failed to provide any other significant hints or previews of DVC’s future.


Source:  Disney Investor Relations