New Direct Purchase Incentives Revealed for Fall 2020

Disney Vacation Club has updated its offers and while they are not quite as good as the summer's reopening rates, buyers can still take advantage of impressive savings at several resorts including Riviera, Copper Creek and Aulani

Wilderness Lodge

Despite published rates of $195 per point for Disney's Riviera Resort and Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas and $220 for Copper Creek Villas and Cabins, DVC routinely discounts the newest properties to lower the net price. Rates are typically lower for current DVC members than for new buyers, and these fall offers are no different. 

As always, discounts vary depending upon the number of points purchased. Following is a sample of some rates currently available when buying direct from DVC:

Discounts for Riviera, Aulani and Copper Creek are as follows:

New Member Discounts

150-199 points: $8 off per point
200-299 points: $18
300+ points: $23

Existing Member Add-On

100-124 points: $1 off per point
125-149 points: $8
150-199 points: $18
200-299 points: $23
300-499 points: $28
500-999 points: $33
1000+ points: $48

The above discounts are reductions from the stated base rate. A first-time buyer purchasing 200 points at Riviera or Aulani would pay a net rate of $177 per point ($195-$18), plus applicable closing costs and other fees. 

Despite its "sold out" status, idential discounts are also available at Copper Creek Villas and Cabins, albeit at a much higher base price of $220 per point. Thus a new buyer of 200 Copper Creek points would pay $202 per point, which is the base of $220 less $18 discount. 

These prices are a bit of a step back from the summer pricing which provided discounts up to $35 each for 200 points at Rivera

Prices are scheduled to run through November 4, 2020 but may change at any time. For complete details or offers on other properties, we recommend contacting a Disney Vacation Club salesperson.