New DVC Incentives Offset Riviera Price Increase

Despite a $7 price increase for points at Disney's Riviera Resort, special incentives available for the next 4 weeks more than offset the higher rate.   

Disney's Riviera Resort

On Tuesday, January 28 a new member purchasing 200 points at Disney's Riviera Resort paid about $178 per point with a base price of $188 less incentives of $10 per point. Today the base price has risen to $195 per point, yet those 200 points can be had for just $175 each thanks to increased credits. 

The chart below illustrates the developer's credits available at different size purchases. The first two columns apply to new buyers while the second two apply to existing members who add Riviera points to their holdings. 

Riviera Points  Dev Credit (New)  Add'l Dev Credit* (New) Dev Credit (Add-on) Add'l Dev Credit* (Add-on)
 125 $0  $0 $250  $0
 150 $500 $750 $750 $750
 175 $1750 $1000 $2000 $1000
200 $2750 $1250 $3000 $1250
250 $3500 $1750 $3750 $1500

Both the Developer's Credit and the Additional Developer's Credit apply to purchases made between now and February 26, 2020. After February 26, the Additional Credit expires and only the Developer's Credit will be offered. 

At $195 each, 200 Riviera points retails for $39,000. Through February 26, new members will pay about $35,000 (or $175 per point) thanks to combined discounts of $2750 and 1250. After February 26, the $1250 Additional Credit is no longer offered, raising the net price to $181.25 each ($39,000-2750). 

Existing members save a bit more, both with and without the limited-time additional credit. 

Materials indicate that up to $1000 of the Developer's Credit may be received in the form of a Disney Gift Card rather than a credit toward the financed balance. However exact terms of this offer are unclear. 

Incentives for Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas continue to exceed Riviera, but out-the-door prices have risen as a result of the $195 base price: 

Aulani Points  Dev Credit (New)  Dev Credit (Add-on)
125 $0  $2000 
175 $4250  $5250 
250 $8000  $9000
300 $10,250 11,250

The Additional Developer's Credits for Riviera end on February 26, 2020 and other credits are slated to run through April 28, 2020. Note that these offers are subject to change at any time. Closing costs and other fees may apply. Contact a Disney Vacation Club sales representative for complete details.