Final Day Before Price Increase

Tuesday, January 28 is your last chance to add ownership at Disney's Riviera Resort or Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas before prices increase. 

Disney's Riviera Resort

On Wednesday, January 29, 2020, Disney Vacation Club will raise its base price for points at both Riviera and Aulani will rise from $188 per point to $195 per point.

Existing incentives offered for Riviera reduce the $188 price by about 6-8% depending on the number of points purchased and whether or not the buyer is a current DVC owner.  Aulani incentives can exceed 15% at select quantities. 

Members can currently add 200 Riviera points for a net price of $35,100 or $175.50 per point. That's $37,600 less $2500 incentives. New owners will pay $35,600 or $178 per point for 200 points.  

At Aulani, current owners will pay just $31,600 for 200 points, or $158 per point. Meanwhile first-time buyers will pay $32,350--or $161.75 each--for the same 200 points. 

Incentives are expected to change when the new price goes into effect. An improvement in discounts may negate some of the $7 price increase but it is unlikely that net prices will improve in the immediate future. Most prospective buyers can still contact a Disney Vacation Club sales Guide today to place a down payment and lock-in their purchase at current rates.