Annual Dues Balances on Member Website

2007 Annual Dues balances have begun to appear on for many people.  To find the virtual statement, click on “My DVC” then “Annual Dues.”  Paper statements will be hitting members’ mailboxes soon as well.

Note that in addition to paying the published per-point fees for 2007, members are also required to pay any outstanding property taxes for 2006.  Each year’s budget includes estimated taxes for the calendar year.  However, members are responsible for paying the actual tax amounts after assessments are made by the individual counties in which the resorts are located.  If DVC’s tax estimate is lower than the actual assessment, members must pay the difference during the next collection period.  


Those who pay their dues in monthly installments will find that the make-good payment for 2006 underestimated taxes is part of the January payment, along with 1/12th of the calculated 2007 dues.  For that reason, the January monthly installment is usually larger than the 11 subsequent monthly payments.


Dues payments must be made to DVC by January 15, 2007, however there is a 30-day grace period.  After February 14, 2007, members are subject to late fees and “suspension of all activities” (in other words, they’ll start canceling your trips!!!)  


Payment can be made via check or money order upon receipt of the paper statement.  Members can also log into and pay using a debit or credit card.  


For those who are currently scheduled to pay their dues in one lump sum, note that DVC also has an option to pay your dues in 12 monthly installments over the course of the year.  There are no additional fees involved with this service, however the payment must be drawn from a checking or savings account at a U.S. bank.  Monthly installments may not be scheduled using a debit or credit card or a non-U.S. financial institution.  


Those wishing to begin paying their Annual Dues in monthly installments should contact DVC Member Accounting.