AKV Incentive Tweaked Due to Kidani Construction

Disney Vacation Club is running out of points at the original Jambo House facility.  With Kidani Village still about a year away from opening, they've been forced to tweak the promotional incentives a bit in order to still offer points at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas

Normally customers buying directly from DVC will receive their first set of points immediately.  But with Kidani Village not set to open until early 2009, that isn't possible for new AKV owners--DVC cannot legally allow members to use their ownership in a facility that is not yet open to guests. 

To compensate, buyers are being offered a variation on the recent Developer's Points incentives.

Those who purchase an ownership interest at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas which is deeded to the Kidani Village units will still receive their first points at the start of their 2008 Use Year, however the points cannot be used until after the Kidani Village facility has opened to guests.   Buyers will also receive an equal number of Developer's Points for use immediately at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort or for an Interval International exchange. 

The Developer's Points expire one year from their issue and cannot be banked.  

Dues payments will not begin until 2009 when Kidani Village opens.   

Also applicable is the $8 per point promotional incentive ($104 less $8 for a net price of $96 per point.)

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