Developer’s Points Incentive Tweaked

DVC is extending the usage deadline for Developer’s Points acquired in recent new and add-on purchases.  Any Developer’s Points must now be used within twelve months of committing to the purchase, up from the previous seven months.  Reservations cannot be made until seven months from the check-out date, but owners of the points have a full 12 months in which to ultimately use the points.

The Developer’s Points are one of two purchase incentives being offered to new members and those who add either 50 additional points at Saratoga Springs or 100 points at the Animal Kingdom Villas.  Members paying the full price of $104 per point will receive a one-time allocation of Developer’s Points equal to double the point total of their purchase (i.e. an initial purchase of 160 points will net 320 Developer’s Points; an AKV add-on of 100 points will net 200 Developer’s Points.) 

The other incentive available to members is a cash discount of $10 off at Saratoga Springs (net price of $94 per point) or $8 off at AKV (net $96 per point.) 
DVC has not stated when these incentives are scheduled to end.