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DVCNews Debates: Transportation

DVCNews DebatesThere are many transportation options available to not only reach Walt Disney World (airplane/DME/rental car/town car, train, drive, etc.) and while on property (buses, boats, walking, drive own car, drive rental car, etc.)  Each option typically involves some trade-off between convenience and cost.  


Topic: What means do you typically use to reach Walt Disney World and how do you get around property during your stay?


DVCNews Debates: Discounted Cash Trip

DVCNews DebatesDue to declining reservation numbers projected for calendar year 2009, Disney recently announced a slew of promtional offers including a "Buy 4 (nights), get 3 free" package. Of course, this is not the first time that discounts have been offered.  Room discounts for Annual Passholders are commonplace, as are things like the "free dining" promotions in the fall.  

Topic: Since becoming a DVC member, have you ever booked a trip that did not use any points because of the discount package offered?  If so, explain.


DVCNews Debates: Dining

DVCNews DebatesWith kitchens or kitchenettes in every Disney Vacation Club villa and grocery delivery services ready to help members fill those kitchens, members are well equipped to dine in-room while staying at their Home Away from Home.  But the wide variety of restaurants at Walt Disney World and convenient Dining Plans provide tempting alternatives.    

Topic: How do you dine at Walt Disney World and how has being a DVC member changed your dining habits?


DVCNews Debates: First DVC Exposure

DVCNews DebatesThere are many different ways to be introduced to the Disney Vacation Club for the first time.  The parks and resorts are home to dozens of sales booths.  Many rent points before buying.  There are websites, promotional DVDs, television programs, in-park merchandise and so on.  

Topic: How were you first introduced to the Disney Vacation Club?


DVCNews Debates: Economy

DVCNews DebatesFor years many members (and potential members) have longed for a Disney Vacation Club resort located on the monorail line.  That dream was realized about 6 weeks ago with the announcement of the Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort. 

Unfortunately the announcement came amidst a period of economic crisis the likes of which this country (and the world) hasn't experienced in nearly a decade.

Topic: What impact (if any) has the current economic crisis had on your DVC purchase plans in the present and near future?


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