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    Copper Creek Booking Dates

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    Virtual tours of Copper Creek Villas

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    Typhoon Lagoon Moonlight Magic Registration Now Open

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Author: Disney Parks Blog

Earlier today, Walt Disney World President George A. Kalogridis announced some news about one of our most iconic resort hotels – Disney’s Polynesian Resort. As part of a complete re-imagining, Disney’s Polynesian Resort is returning to its original, 1971 opening day name: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The sweep...

DVCNews Debates: Studio capacity increase

DVCNews Debates

Disney designers have changed their philosophy toward Deluxe Studio villas, expanding the sleeping capacity from 4 to 5 individuals.  So far this change has impacted the newest DVC resort at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and the recently-renovated Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  

While the higher sleeping capacity is a plus for many guests, other compromises have been made.  At the Grand Floridian, the pull-down twin bed replaces the large armoire typically used by Studio guests to store their clothing.  At the Wilderness Lodge, the twin bed was accommodated by adding a somewhat awkward collapsable table to villas.

  Topic:  Do you like the increased sleeping capacity of some Deluxe Studio villas?  Or, is it a poor trade-off for other compromises made in the villa design?



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