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DVCNews Debates: Poly at 7 months

DVCNews Debates

Owners are already beginning to discuss booking Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows 7 months prior to arrival.  Some believe that Deluxe Studios at the Polynesian will be fairly easy to reserve at 7 months due to the high room count (360 villas) and lack of One and Two Bedroom Villas.  

Others believe the Polynesian will be one of the more difficult locations to reserve at 7 months due to high nightly cost for the Bungalows (few owners willing to pay for Bungalows means more competition for Studios), resort's location on the monorail line and high purchase price.  

 Topic:  Do you think the Polynesian Villas will be easier or harder to reserve at 7 months compared to other DVC properties? 

Authors: Disney Parks Blog

I previously shared how teenagers can hang loose during a vacation at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa. Today, I’m excited to share some tips for tweens - those between the ages 11-12 - to make new friends as well! Tweens have the opportunity to take part in complimentary activities designed exclusively for their a...

DVCNews Debates: 2B vs Two Studios

DVCNews Debates

Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows will be the first Disney Vacation Club property with no traditional One or Two Bedroom villas (aside from the Bungalows which are clearly not affordable for the vast majority of owners.)  

Instead the Polynesian will offer connecting Deluxe Studio villas.  Two connecting Studios would sleep up to 10 guests for a lower point cost than some resorts' Two Bedroom villas.  However, the combined rooms would lack a full kitchen, washer / dryer and other features common to the Two Bedroom villa.  

 Topic:  Are connecting Studio villas a viable alternative to a Two Bedroom villa?  

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