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Tastes of Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa: Local-style Acai Bowl at ‘AMA‘AMA

Written by Disney Parks Blog on . Posted in Disney Parks Blog

Authors: Disney Parks Blog

I have been in love with the Local-style Acai Bowl at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, since my first visit to O’ahu. This healthy and delicious smoothie-like parfait features fresh Hawaiian fruit, organic granola, local honey and other garnishings! To say I crave one here on the mainland every morning would c...

DVCNews Debates: Grocery Shopping

Written by Tim Krasniewski on . Posted in DVCNews Debates

DVCNews Debates

Over the years, many options have emerged for picking up groceries during a Walt Disney World resort stay.  Services like Garden Grocer and We Go Shop will deliver, rentals and town car services allow guests to shop on their own, DVC resorts stock a limited selection of items.  Even the Hess gas stations on property can be used to pick-up a few essentials at prices lower than what Disney itself charges.  

 Topic:  How do you get groceries during your Walt Disney World stays? 

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