• Disney Riviera Resort Confirmed

    Disney Riviera Resort Confirmed

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    2018 Member Cruise Announced

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  • New WDW Ticket Offers Available to Members

    New WDW Ticket Offers Available to Members

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DVCNews Debates: Changing Habits

DVCNews Debates

Given the high costs to buy, Disney Vacation Club purchasers tend to be seasoned guests of either Disneyland or Walt Disney World.  But owning DVC points does put a new spin on things.  The annual allotment of points could mean more frequent trips or upgraded accommodations.  It could mean trying different seasons and trip lengths.  But for some, perhaps things didn't change much at all.  There's nothing wrong with spending a week each year in a Polynesian villa instead of a week in a Polynesian hotel room.   

 Topic:  Did your travel patterns change after buying DVC points?  If so, how?

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