Inside look at Bay Lake Tower renovations

Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort is in the midst of a refurbishment which will update all guests rooms.  Inside are photos of refurbished guest rooms along with details on the status of the project.

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

Deluxe Studio

The soft goods renovation of the villas at Bay Lake Tower is in full swing. Floors 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14 have been completed. Right now, Disney is working on the villas on the entire 8th floor and to the villas on the 7th floor that are on the south wing facing the Contemporary Resort. Work has not yet begun on floors 1 through 6 and floors 15 and 16.

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

Studio queen bed

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

Studio side table & chairs

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

Studio full-size sofabed

Bay Lake Tower’s soft good renovation includes new carpets in the villas as well as the hallways, new throw pillows and bed runners, new drapes, a new table in the studios, and new upholstery on the sofa sleepers. The walls have have been repainted, yet colors are similar to the original shades.

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

Master bedroom

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

Guest bedroom with two queen beds

It does not appear that any changes have occurred in kitchen or bathroom areas. Since the renovation involves soft goods, USB outlets are not being added to the BLT villas. Also, like at other Disney resorts, alarm clocks and DVD players are no longer standard amenities.

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

One / Two Bedroom Villa living room

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

Living room sofa bed

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

Dining area

The studios have new drapes but did not receive any sheers in the renovation. Two-bedroom villas are being equipped with shears on all windows.

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

New villa drapery pattern

BLT Refurbishment - June 2016

Hallway carpet

The refurbishment is scheduled for completion in 2016.  

Wil Lovato is a contributor to and has been a Disney Vacation Club owner since 2009. His DVC Home Resorts include Bay Lake Tower, Animal Kingdom Villas, and Aulani. He can be found posting on many Disney discussion forums under the username of “wdrl”.

Reader Comments
Re: Inside look at Bay Lake Tower renovations -- wdrl
2016 Jun 09 02:59:00 PM
Here are some photos showing the original soft goods at BLT:Old sleeper chair in living room:DSCN3312.jpgThe original bed throws and carpet from a studio villa:file-137.jpgThe original table in a studio villa. The table now has a plastic bumper around the edges of the table.Also, note the old drapes.file-142.jpgThe original eating table in a one-bedroom:DSCN0594_zpsc2fcb740.jpgThe original one bedroom master bedDSCN3331_zpspohdy6wz.jpg
Re: Inside look at Bay Lake Tower renovations -- denlo
2016 Jun 09 09:54:54 PM
Sorry I didn't get the detail photos of the 2BR remodel. It was hard to get photos around my family when two chatty three year olds followed me around and then their nana chatted with me the entire time. I just missed details. Here are a few I picked up later in the week. Pardon the messy master bedroom.

Master BR bed pillow

Master bedroom desk and chair with new upholstery.

Master bedroom sheers
Re: Inside look at Bay Lake Tower renovations -- wdrl
2016 Jun 10 08:26:50 AM
According to a BLT manager, the reason sheers are not being installed in the studios is that there is not enough clearance between the wall and the sofa to let both the drapes and the sheers to hang freely.

Here are photos from our studio. The first photo shows the drapery rod and the amount of space on the ceiling. To me, it looks like there is about 4" of space between the wall and the valence board (for lack of a better term). Could there be room for a second rod to hold the sheers?


The second photo shows the amount of space between the wall and the sofa. As you can see, the drapes take up a lot of that space. Could there be room for sheers and drapes to hang properly in that space?

Re: Inside look at Bay Lake Tower renovations -- denlo
2016 Jun 10 02:17:05 PM
As much as I hate to admit it looks like DVC might be right about the lack of space for sheers in a studio. As it now stand the drapes hang perfectly straight, but if they added the sheers the would be jammed in the same between the wall and the couch. For ourselves we always stay in studios and often will do MK views, so would really like to have the sheers to cut down on the glare and still have some light in the room.
Re: Inside look at Bay Lake Tower renovations -- Lisann
2016 Jun 11 01:12:09 PM
I'm kind of surprised about the sheers. I'm assuming they tried double rods? There are double rods on the market and I believe there are some with a slim silhouette, I think they would work. Do I need to call? :rotfl2:


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