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DVCNews Debates: Plans for 2019

DVCNews DebatesWhether you frequent Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you probably know the significance of the year 2019--the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.  Given fandom surrounding the Star Wars franchise, the crowds certain to flock to these 14 acre expansions may make Harry Potter look like a mere Muggle.  Disney regulars, inluding DVC members, will have to decide whether they want to brave the crowds to get an early look at the new Star Wars attractions or wait for the hysteria to subside.    

 Topic:  Do you plan to alter your DVC travel patterns in 2019 (and beyond) as a result of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge?


DVCNews Debates: Leaving the Disney Bubble

DVCNews DebatesMore and more entertainment venues continue to move into the Central Florida area.  Universal Studios Florida is the prime compeditor to Disney with its Harry Potter and Marvel attractions, a new water park and a growing list of themed hotels.  But even if Universal isn’t your cup ‘o tea, Sea World, Legoland, Busch Gardens and many other niche venues provide alternatives.  Meanwhile Disney makes a hard push to keep guests on property with theme parks, water parks, shopping, golf, dozens of restaurants, free airport transportation and more. 

 Topic:  Do you typically venture off of Disney property when visiting Walt Disney World?


DVCNews Debates: Price Increase Impact

DVCNews DebatesSeveral days ago, the prices on most Disney Vacation Club resorts increased with several older properties crossing the $200 threshold.  All of these destinations can also be purchased via the resale market.  But with direct prices rising, sellers may soon seek higher asking prices when selling their unwanted points. If so, by how much will prices rise and how soon?

 Topic:  What impact will the increased direct prices have on the resale marketplace?


DVCNews Debates: Splurge

DVCNews DebatesNews of Walt Disney World's paid FastPass option--and a similar service at Disneyland--raises the question of what sort of things guests are willing to splurge on during a Disney vacation.  Disney offers a wide variety of high priced add-ons like cabana rentals, behind-the-scenes tours, fireworks cruises, gourmet meals, photography sessions, souvenirs for every budget..maybe even some new DVC points.   

 Topic:  What sort of extravagant purchases have you made during a Disney vacation?


DVCNews Debates: Security

DVCNews DebatesIn recent weeks, Disney announced some changes to the resort experience seemingly aimed at improve security at its hotels and timeshare villas.  Some critics have blasted such moves as little more than ineffective "security theater."  However, if security concerns were not impacting guests, there would seem to be little reason for adding to the "theater."

 Topic:  Have you ever felt that security was inadequate at a DIsney theme park or resort?


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