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DVCNews Debates: Purchase Incentives

DVCNews DebatesThis past week DVC finally announced the Bay Lake Towers at Disney's Contemporary Resort.  Within that announcement DVC revealed that the first 1000 members to add 160 or more points would be designated Founding Members and have their name added to a plaque displayed at the resort fountain.  DVC has offered similar exclusive perks when sales began for the Animal Kingdom Villas and the contract extension for Old Key West.

Topic: Do these sorts of intangible perks play any role in your decision whether or not to add-on / extend contracts?  Which purchase incentives have historically had the most impact on your decision to buy / add-on / extend?


DVCNews Debates: Adequate Housekeeping?

DVCNews DebatesDVC's limited housekeeping schedule is consistent with the rest of the timeshare industry.  However it seems that members are becoming increasingly disappointed with the cleanliness and maintenance of their DVC guest room upon entering the villa.  High occupancy levels, limited turnaround time between guests and Disney penny-pinching are just a few of the factors which may contribute to lackluster room quality.

Topic:  Should DVC consider expanding the frequency with which rooms are serviced and/or make other changes to reduce the level of complaints?


DVCNews Debates: Contract Extensions

DVCNews DebatesIn 2007 Disney Vacation Club announced a 15-year contract extension (covering the years 2043 to 2057) for owners at Disney's Old Key West Resort.  The extension was initially priced at $15 per point and is still available today for $25 per point.  

Topic:  If DVC were to offer 15-year contract extensions at your Home resort(s), what would be your tipping point price-wise?


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