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DVCNews Debates: Economy vs. Luxury

DVCNews DebatesSimilar Disney Vacation Club accommodations can often go for very different nightly point rates depending upon the resort and room class.  For instance, a Studio villa at Disney's Old Key West Resort costs at little as 8 points per night in Adventure Season while a comparable unit with a Magic Kingdom View at the Bay Lake Tower is 17 points per night.  With many options available ranging from economical to luxurious, it raises the question of which approach members prefer and why.

 Topic: Do you tend to favor the cheapest resorts available when booking or target specific resorts and/or views regardless of the cost?


DVCNews Debates: Trip Frequency

DVCNews DebatesWith the banking and borrowing provisions afforded to Disney Vacation Club members, realistically one could still justify membership even with trips taken every-other-year or even once every three years.  Still with the variety of Disney experiences offered--not to mention frequent visitor perks like the Annual Pass discount--many DVC members appear to visit much more than once every 2 to 3 years.

 Topic: How frequently do you tend to take vacations using your DVC points?


DVCNews Debates: Disney Files Magazine

DVCNews DebatesOne popular perk of Disney Vacation Club ownership is a subscription to the quarterly member newsletter. 

The member mag has undergone a bit of evolution in recent years, culminating in its 2007 name change from Vacation Magic to DIsney Files.  Disney Files arrives in members' mailboxes every 3 months providing a look at pending DVC projects, trade destinations available through RCI, member perks, resort happenings, other news from throughout the Disney corporate empire and more.  

 Topic: What is your opinion of Disney Files magazine?


DVCNews Debates: Animal Kingdom Villas

DVCNews DebatesOur 2009 resort review comes to a close with the most recent Disney Vacation Club property intorduced to guests--Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas.  

What advice would you offer to guests staying at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas?  Are there savannas or other locations which are better than others?  Are there any quirks of the resort or guest rooms members should be wary of when staying there?  

Topic: Share your thoughts regarding Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas.


DVCNews Debates: Saratoga Springs Resort

DVCNews DebatesEach Disney Vacation Club resort has its pros and cons.  Many members have had both positive and negative experiences at each resort. 

What advice would you offer to guests staying at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa?  Are there good or bad areas of the resort?  Are there specific things guests should be wary of while staying there?  What do you think of the spa and golf services the resort has to offer?

Topic: Share your thoughts regarding Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.


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