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DVCNews Debates: Trip Duration

DVCNews Debates One of the beauties of the Disney Vacation Club points system is that it allows members to reserve a room for any period of time of their choosing.  There is no required minimum stay and owners can book a room for just a single night if they choose.


 Topic: What is the average length of trips booked using your Disney Vacation Club points?


DVCNews Debates: Booking Window

DVCNews Debates In June 2008 Disney Vacation Club announced that it was modifying the booking window for all members.  Previously members could make reservations 11 or 7 months prior to their departure date.  Under the new policy members could begin making reservations 11 or 7 months from their arrival date, booking up to 7 consecutive nights in a single telephone call. 

 Topic: After a year of operating under the revised booking rules, what is your opinion of the change?


DVCNews Debates: Pre-Purchase Rentals

DVCNews Debates For many years renting Disney Vacation Club points has been viewed as an economic approach to staying in Deluxe accommodations at Walt Disney World.  By agreeing to rent points from a DVC member, a non-member can save hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to Disney's price for similar accommodations.  In addition, renting often serves as an introduction to the DVC program and leads to the one-time renter becoming a member. 

 Topic: Have you ever rented DVC points?  If so, how the the rental experience influence your decision to buy (or not buy) into the DVC program?


DVCNews Debates: Washington D.C.

DVCNews Debates Last week Disney announced the purchase of 15-acres of land just outside of Washington D.C.  Disney apparently plans to build a 500-unit hotel complex.  Thus far there is no word as to whether Disney Vacation Club accommodations are earmarked for the project.


 Topic: What is your interest in a DC-area DVC rresort?  Would you consider buying there, occasionally book at 7 months or no interest at all?


DVCNews Debates: Seven Month Bookings

DVCNews Debates Under Disney Vacation Club's Home Resort priority system, members can book a reservation at their Home resort 11 months in advance of their arrival date.  Doing so is a virtual guarantee for success.

However, reservations at other (non-Home) resorts can only be secured 7 months in advance of the arrival date. Given the 4 month booking priority given to owners, securing a room at 7 months can be a bit more difficult.

 Topic:  What are your experiences booking non-Home resorts at 7 months?


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