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DVCNews Debates: Contract Extensions

DVCNews DebatesIn 2007 Disney Vacation Club announced a 15-year contract extension (covering the years 2043 to 2057) for owners at Disney's Old Key West Resort.  The extension was initially priced at $15 per point and is still available today for $25 per point.  

Topic:  If DVC were to offer 15-year contract extensions at your Home resort(s), what would be your tipping point price-wise?


DVCNews Debates: Non-DVC Point Usage

DVCNews DebatesDisney Vacation Club points can be used for many destinations other than the eight DVC resorts.  Options include other Disney theme park resorts, Disney Cruise Line voyages, Adventures by Disney, trades through Interval International and much more. 

Topic:  Have you ever used points for a destination other than one of the DVC resorts?  Why or why not?



DVCNews Debates: Vacation Planning

DVCNews DebatesMany Disney Vacation Club members are veteran guests of Walt Disney World.  Compared to the typical cash guest, a DVC member is likely to visit with much greater frequency.  We're wondering how DVC ownership has changed your vacation planning.  Do you still buy tourbooks (Passporter, Unofficial Guide, Birnbaums, etc.)?  Do you utilize other / on-line resources?  How detailed are your vacation plans?

Topic:  How has DVC ownership changed your vacation planning routine?



DVCNews Debates: Room Assignment Procedures

DVCNews DebatesDisney Vacation Club resorts generally use two different room assignment processes--either Disney's Room Ready system or the preassignment of rooms.  Under Room Ready, villas are assigned to guests as they arrive at the front desk.  Front Desk Cast Members choose a room from among those currently clean and ready to be occuplied, regardless of whether the room is the best match for the guest's requests.  Priority is placed on getting the guest into a room--any room--immediately upon arrival. 

Under the preassignment system, rooms are assigned to guests several days before they arrive at the resort.  Ideally this leads to a room which better matches the guest's requests, but leaves the guest without a room until their preassigned room is ready for occupancy. 

Topic:  Which room assignement process do you prefer--Room Ready or preassignment?



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