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DVCNews Debates: Disney/DVC Fear?

DVCNews DebatesFor most making a 40-50 year commitment to The Walt Disney Company is not a risk taken lightly.  While the potential impact on one's finances is obvious, there is also a great degree of uncertainty over what the next several decades may hold. 

Material changes to either the Disney Vacation Club program or the Disney parks & resorts would have an immediate impact on members.  The changes could be somewhat minor (and subjective) such as a declining quality of service at the parks & resorts or DVC policy changes.  Or we could witness major upheaval like the sale of one of Disney's key business units (hotel operations, theme park operations, dining, DVC.)

 Topic: What is your biggest fear (concern) regarding the future of Disney Vacation Club and/or The Walt Disney Company as a whole?


DVCNews Debates: FastPass

DVCNews DebatesDisney's FastPass has been a staple at Walt Disney World and Disneyland for about a decade now.  The system allows guests to effectively obtain a reserved ride time later in the day, dramatically reducing the amount of time guests must wait in line for some of the more popular attractions. 

Currently the system provides equal benefits to all guests.  However, there have been persistent rumors of Disney further developing the system in ways which would allow them to dole-out FastPass benefits differently to groups of guests (i.e. those staying in on-site resorts may get a different FastPass benefit than those staying off-site.)  

 Topic: What do you think of a FastPass system that provides different tiers of benefits?  If implemented, what sort of benefits should DVC members be entitled to receive?


DVCNews Debates: Member Merchandise

DVCNews DebatesAlthough Disney produces a selection of merchandise featuring the Disney Vacation Club name, their offerings are certainly open to criticism.  

Items are available featuring the "Disney Vacation Club" name or the resort name, but rarely do items feature both brands.  Member merchandise varies from resort-to-resort, making some items difficult to find.  Mail order purchases are available but not highly publicized nor supported with a catalog or other mailer / website.  Prices are high.  Quality is often times questionable.  

 Topic: Share your thoughts regarding member merchandise.  Do you even have an interest in buying items with the DVC name?  What should DVC do to improve their current offerings?


DVCNews Debates: Park Crowds

DVCNews DebatesDespite a struggling economy, Disney has managed to keep its theme parks quite busy in recent months.  Discount programs and the continuing growth of Disney Vacation Club--which virtually guarantees a steady supply of business from owners--have left the parks as busy as ever. 

In fact, crowd levels have lead some to suggest that the parks have grown too busy during many times of the year.  Economic principles suggest that the most direct way for Disney to reduce crowds (while maintaining profitability) is to increase ticket prices.   

 Topic: Given the choice, which do you prefer:  larger crowds in the theme parks or higher ticket prices?


DVCNews Debates: My Future Destination

DVCNews Debates Disney Vacation Club entered 2009 with eight destinations and will grow to eleven (plus the Treehouse Villas) by the end of the year.  With that sort of growth, it seems that most members will have a new resort (or two, or three) to sample in the coming months and years.


 Topic: Of the Disney Vacation Club resorts you have NOT visited, which are you most excited about booking in the future?


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