DVCNews Debates

DVCNews Debates: DVC's Future

DVCNews DebatesIf we go back 17 years, DVC was viewed as a pretty big risk for Disney.  The first members bought ownership in Old Key West (then simply referred to as "The Disney Vacation Club") with no guarantee that additional resorts would ever be built.  Yet here we are now with eight resorts available for stays and three more in various stages of construction. Disneyland is getting its first DVC resort and Disney is even re-entering the non-theme park market with a resort on Hawaii.

Topic: What additional destinations (theme park or not) do you think / hope will be added to the DVC roster over the next 10-20 years?


DVCNews Debates: Weekend Stays

DVCNews DebatesWith Disney Vacation Club villas costing quite a bit more points on the weekends comapred to weekdays, many members have taken to using alternative strategies for their weekend stays.  Examples include staying off-site, staying at a lower-priced Disney resort, attempting to book a DVC villa at a discounted cash rate and avoiding weekends altogether.

Topic: As a DVC member, what approach do you take to weekend vacationing at Walt Disney World?


DVCNews Debates: Direct vs. Resale

DVCNews DebatesDisney Vacation Club points can be purchased either direct from Disney or via  a number of resale brokers.  Each of these approaches has its own list of pros and cons. 


Topic: Did you initially buy direct or resale? In retrospect, what approach would you recommend to first-time buyers?


DVCNews Debates: Purchase Incentives

DVCNews DebatesThis past week DVC finally announced the Bay Lake Towers at Disney's Contemporary Resort.  Within that announcement DVC revealed that the first 1000 members to add 160 or more points would be designated Founding Members and have their name added to a plaque displayed at the resort fountain.  DVC has offered similar exclusive perks when sales began for the Animal Kingdom Villas and the contract extension for Old Key West.

Topic: Do these sorts of intangible perks play any role in your decision whether or not to add-on / extend contracts?  Which purchase incentives have historically had the most impact on your decision to buy / add-on / extend?


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