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DVCNews Debates: Seven Month Bookings

DVCNews Debates Under Disney Vacation Club's Home Resort priority system, members can book a reservation at their Home resort 11 months in advance of their arrival date.  Doing so is a virtual guarantee for success.

However, reservations at other (non-Home) resorts can only be secured 7 months in advance of the arrival date. Given the 4 month booking priority given to owners, securing a room at 7 months can be a bit more difficult.

 Topic:  What are your experiences booking non-Home resorts at 7 months?


DVCNews Debates: After Hours Parties

DVCNews Debates Last week Disney began selling tickets for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. These two gatherings, along with the previous Pirate and Princess Parties, offer small crowds and themed events throughout the Magic Kingdom.  And both of these after-hours parties offer an additional ticket discount to Disney Vacation Club members. 

 Topic:  What is your favorite after-hours party at the Magic Kingdom?


DVCNews Debates: Inviting Guests

DVCNews Debates One of the indirect perks of larger Disney Vacation Club accommodations is that it's a bit more palatable to invite guests to join one's party.  Whether the guests are friends, family members or simply a child's best friend, it is much easier to add one or two individuals to a reservation when staying in a Two Bedroom villa than it would be for a standard guest room at a Value, Moderate or even Deluxe resort.  

 Topic:  Do you ever invite guests on your trips outside of your immediate family?  If so, what conditions (if any) do you set in terms of a deadline for committing to the trip, compensation, and so on?


DVCNews Debates: Use Year

DVCNews Debates Disney Vacation Club contracts all list a specific Use Year.  The Use Year is a 12-month period during which the contract's points can be used by the owner.  The Use Year can be very important depending upon a member's vacation habits.  Individuals with fairly consistent annual vacation patterns would be best served with a Use Year which immediately precedes their arrival dates.  This allows the greatest flexibility in rescheduling trips (when necessary) and the banking of unused points.  

Some members give a great deal of consideration to a Use Year before buying while others simply take what is offered by DVC or an attractive resale contract. 

Before buying did you target a specific Use Year or simply take whatever was available?  Do you find your Use Year to be a good match for your vacation patterns?


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