DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge resale vs Copper Creek direct

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Disney's Wilderness Lodge will soon be home to two separate Disney Vacation Club Properties: the original villas renamed Boulder Ridge and the newer component dubbed Copper Creek Villas & Cabins.  Copper Creek points are now on sale for around $165 each (with incentives) for a 50-year contract, 11 month access to the lakefront cabins and participation in DVC discount programs.  Meanwhile Boulder Ridge points can be purchased on the resale market for around $90 per point for 24-25 years of ownership.    

 Topic:  Which is the smarter buy--Boulder Ridge resale points or Copper Creek direct from DVC?
Reader Comments
Re: DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge resale vs Copper Creek direct -- PhilUp
2017 Mar 20 11:45:47 AM
As I see it...

Boulder Ridge advantages:
Cheaper points!
Cheaper fees!
Quieter location compared to the lodge proper.
(Possibly) better theming and decor.
Nice community room.
Full railroad theming. Trains are cool.

Copper Creek advantages:
Full 50 year contract.
Points usable in the Disney collection if desired.
Able to buy use year and exact number of points desired.
More convenient access to the amenities in the main lodge- food, lounges, gift shop.
Much closer to the parking lot if you have a vehicle.
Closer to boat dock to MK.

Access to the buses is a wash between them. If DVC were to offer an extension as they did at OKW, sure I could see a resale being a much better deal all the way around. If not, that limited lifespan is a big drawback to younger buyers. If I were in my 50s or 60s, the 25 year horizon wouldn't bother me much. As it is, I'm not even to 40 yet. While I probably won't enjoy the full length of a 50 year contract, it will be there as long as I want to use it.

I think it's mostly a judgment call- it depends on what one finds more important to them. Personally, we'll be buying CCV. We like the amenities at the main lodge, the flexibility to use our points in more ways, and the length of contract. The cost may end up being not that different as well- we're not looking for a huge contract, and we'd probably end up having to buy quite a few more points in a BRV resale in order to get the use year we want. It doesn't matter if the point cost is less than half if we have to buy over twice the points- yes, we'd have more to use, but we have a decent amount as it is. I don't really want to concern myself with figuring out how to use a larger contract (and more points means dues increases hit you harder going forward). So for us, CCV with a small add on.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge resale vs Copper Creek direct -- rkstocke5609
2017 Mar 20 03:57:08 PM
I don't find the location of one or the other necessarily better. I think it's primarily an age issue. If I still want to go more after 75, I will rent points or just book in the hotel....
Re: DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge resale vs Copper Creek direct -- twinklebug
2017 Mar 20 03:59:38 PM
Old saying that has been repeated hundreds to thousands of times still holds true here: "Buy where you want to stay."

Price point wise I see both as equals. BR is about half the cost of CC to purchase. BR's remaining contract is half of CC.
Dues are higher at CC, but the future is unknown, so impossible to say if they'll remain considerably higher or not.

I prefer the rooms and setting of the old VWL (BR), so although I've been toying with the idea of an easy 50 year contract for CC direct through Disney I know I won't be 100% happy if I did not have the option to book BR at 11 months out.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge resale vs Copper Creek direct -- wdrl
2017 Mar 21 10:43:17 AM
twinklebug wrote:
Old saying that has been repeated hundreds to thousands of times still holds true here: "Buy where you want to stay."
twinklebug has cited rule #1 when it comes to choosing a DVC home resort, although I might tweak the rule a bit and say "Buy where you don't mind staying."

I can understand why some buyers might not put any value in the fact that Copper Creek will not expire in 2068. They might think they only plan on using their DVC points for 10-20 years, or they think that by 2042 they will be too old to travel to Walt Disney World. I will be 90 years old in 2042, so there is a good chance I'll expire before Boulder Ridge expires.

So why should I buy a resort with a 2068 expiration date?

Well, one reason: Resale value.

As we get closer to January 2042, the resale value of Boulder Ridge deeds will diminish, perhaps slowly at first, but then it will drop to zero. Someone trying to sell a Boulder Ridge deed in 2035 or later might find there is no market for it. Thus, someone who holds onto their Boulder Ridge deed until then will not recover any of their purchase price when they get rid of their deed.

On the other hand, in 2035 Copper Creek will still have 32-33 years left on its term. Its impossible to predict what the DVC resale market will look like 20 years from now, but its safe to assume that Copper Creek deeds will still retain 25% to 50% of their original sale value. Although history may not repeat itself, keep in mind that many DVC owners who bought OKW or BWV 20 years ago are selling their deeds for equal to or more than the original purchase price.

In my opinion, anyone doing a financial comparison between Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge should consider what the resale value might be for the two resorts when they are ready to get rid of the deed.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge resale vs Copper Creek direct -- tiggerguy2000
2017 Mar 23 04:44:06 PM
Here is how I look at it these days being 55 yrs old. We have been members since 2001 and have gone over 50 times which to me has been a dream come true. I have 3 home resorts which will expire between 2042 and 2052 so I still have 22 to 32 years and who knows when family will have Disney burnout. My taxes are 4k now so with more points the tax price goes up over 5k. Resale would be the way if it's for me or buy Disney for the kids future.I have a third option and that is buying a condo or home close to Disney so I actually own something that can be used forever. I am going option 3 LOL


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