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DVCNews Debates: Fall Visits

DVCNews DebatesThe fall months have emerged as one of the most popular times to visit Walt Disney World.  The Epcot Food & Wine Fest now spans a period of more than 10 weeks, beginning in late August and running into November.  Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party are offered on many nights from August - December.  Theme park decor morphs from Halloween / fall to Christmas.  And crowd levels can vary greatly over this period.

 Topic:  When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World in the fall?


DVCNews Debates: Satisfaction

DVCNews DebatesThis week's discussion question is a simple one.  And it's one that we won't bother qualifying.  Don't ask "what do you mean by..."  Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation.  Feel free to explain why you answered the way you did.  But in the end, it's a pretty straightforward question.

 Topic:  Are you satisfied with Disney Vacation Club?


DVCNews Debates: Which Two Resorts?

DVCNews DebatesDespite the fact that Disney Vacation Club now has fourteen distinct destinations, most people can pretty easily identify their one favorite.  But what if you had to choose two resorts to own?  Would it be one at Disneyland and one at Walt Disney World?  One at a theme park and another off-site?  Maybe two unique Walt Disney World resorts?

 Topic:  If you were buying DVC today, which TWO resorts would you choose?


DVCNews Debates: Cash Guest Promos

DVCNews DebatesCash guests have it pretty good at Walt Disney World.  During slower times of they year, they are offered special package deals, 20-30% savings off of normal hotel rates, free dining plan credits, complimentary room upgrades and more!  (Of course, cash guests are also paying far more for their lodging than the DVC member's price for a single year of their contract, but let's ignore that for the moment.)    

 Topic:  If Disney were to offer one of these promotional specials to DVC members, which would you like to receive?


DVCNews Debates: Budget Tightening

DVCNews DebatesDisney Vacation Club has released the annual dues amounts for 2018.  As usual, costs are up with some resorts rising more than 7% over 2017.  Property taxes continue to drive many of the increases, and those figures are largely out of Disney's control.  However, Disney can (and does) seemingly help to soften the blow by reducing operational costs.  It isn't uncommon for resorts to experience slight declines in expenses like housekeeping, front desk, utilities or transportation.    

 Topic:  If Disney wants to reduce costs at DVC resorts, what expenses do you think they should consider reducing / eliminating?


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