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DVCNews Debates

DVCNews Debates: Ever regret NOT buying?

Written by Tim Krasniewski on . Posted in DVCNews Debates

DVCNews Debates

Making a Disney Vacation Club purchase is a major decision.  Not only is it a very costly endeavour, but it amounts to a lengthy obligation to visit Disney resort hotels for many years to come.    

With buyers apt to second-guess the decision come regrets over not buying at a certain point in time.  Such procrastination could lead to paying higher prices (direct or resale), missing out on a desired resale contract or fewer years of ownership.  

 Topic:  Is there a time that you now regret NOT making a DVC points purchase? 

DVCNews Debates: Construction

Written by Tim Krasniewski on . Posted in DVCNews Debates

DVCNews Debates

There is never a convenient time for renovations and new construction at Walt Disney World resorts. Regardless of the time of year, there are always guests hoping for peaceful surroundings and fully-functional amenities.  But construction work does occur.  Sometimes it's a relatively minor update or addition.  Other times--as in the case of Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows--the renovations seem to touch nearly every corner of the resort property.  

But does the construction work impact vacation plans?  Do renovations play a role in your choice of resorts?   

 Topic:  Does resort construction or refurbishments make you less likely to make a reservation at the impacted resort? 


DVCNews Debates: Cooking

Written by Tim Krasniewski on . Posted in DVCNews Debates

DVCNews Debates

"I don't cook while on vacation!"  As someone who has been following Disney Vacation Club message boards and other public forums for more than a decade, I've read this comment countless times from fellow members.  But I've always wondered if the self-professed non-cookers are the majority or the minority.

Of course, we probably need to define cooking first since opinions vary on whether or not Froot Loops and toaster waffles are truly "cooking."  For our purposes, consider yourself a "cooker" if you prepare MORE meals in your DVC villa than you did as a hotel guest before buying points.  

 Topic:  Do you "cook" in your villa kitchen on DVC stays?  




DVCNews Debates: Wearing DVC Merch

Written by Tim Krasniewski on . Posted in DVCNews Debates

DVCNews Debates

Disney produces a wide array of Disney Vacation Club merchandise--items which are available for purchase online and in resort gift shops, and items which are distributed free of charge.  Even if you don't want to spend a dime on DVC items, attending a member event or visiting the Preview Center is often enough to net a complimentary baseball cap, trading pin or tote bag with the DVC name and logo.  

But do you actually make use of the items you receive?  Do you wear the baseball caps or carry the tote bags?  Do you spend additional dollars to purchase appealing items from the gift shops?

 Topic:  Do you typically wear (display) Disney Vacation Club branded merchandise?   

DVCNews Debates: Tickets

Written by Tim Krasniewski on . Posted in DVCNews Debates

DVCNews Debates

Yep, they did it again.  Ticket prices are up.  But this isn't just a run-of-the-mill price increase.  Instead, it's a price increase combined with a lower discount, resulting in Annual Passes priced nearly 10% higher than previous rates.  

And for those who may not need 365 days of non-stop theme park admission, the non-expiring passes are now a thing of the past.  No longer can guests purchase a 10-day ticket and use it for years on end.  

So will these changes impact how you visit the parks, or merely change the amount of money leaving your wallet?

 Topic:  How will you respond to the ticket price and policy changes?  



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