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RoomFinder Resort Databases

Written by Tim Krasniewski on . Posted in Content

For years travel agent and DVC member Sandy Nussbaum (a.k.a. InstImpres) has archived member feedback regarding the guest rooms at several of the DVC resorts. Additionally moderator "LisaS" has gone to great lengths to gather and compile data on all of the Jambo House units at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas. With their help, and the assistance of some great DVCNews contributors like Simbasmom and wdrl, we have created the RoomFinder searchable databases for nearly all of the DVC resorts.

What purpose do these databases serve? The answer to that question will certainly vary from one guest to another. Here are some suggestions:

  • Certain room classes are very limited in supply (BoardWalk Standard View, Animal Kingdom Villas Concierge, etc.) Searching for these room classes in the RoomFinder may shed some light on the likelihood of booking such an accommodation.
  • The RoomFinder will help gain some familiarity with an unknown resort. When preparing for a visit to a new resort, search the database for the room size and class reserved. Review some of the balcony photos and guest comments. These may aid in structuring requests.
  • Handicapped-accessible rooms are limited in supply at each resort. Disabled guests may be particularly interested in finding out what accommodations are available to fit their needs.

One thing we would NOT recommend is requesting a specific room or range of rooms. The odds of being assigned to a specific room are slim, and omitting more general requests leaves the resort staff with no idea of what you are seeking in a room. Structure your requests based upon the room critieria which you find most appealing.

Help us expand this resource by sending in balcony photos and/or room information from YOUR DVC resort stays!!! Click HERE for details.

Following are links to all available resort RoomFinder databases:

Note that DVCNews cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within the RoomFinder. It is a result of feedback submitted by hundreds of DVC members with no independent verification. Readers are highly encouraged to contact us with additions or corrections to the information contained within.

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