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Villa refrigerators not faulty

Written by Tim Krasniewski on . Posted in General DVC News

Disney is in the process of replacing refrigerators in many of its resort hotels but units in Disney Vacation Club villas are operating normally.

In a bulletin to travel agents, Disney revealed that most of its hotel refrigerators would have to be replaced due to a suspected manufacturing defect.  The recall involves thousands of refrigerators across many Disney resorts at Walt Disney World.  The three Disneyland Resort hotels and Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa may also be affected.  

According to a Disney Vacation Club spokesperson, refrigerators in DVC villas are not impacted by the recall.  Units installed in Deluxe Studio villas--as well as larger One, Two and Three Bedroom villas--are of different models than those being replaced.  

Impacted refrigerators have been removed or disabled in the interest of guest safety.  The replacement process is expected to take up to four months.  

A limited supply of replacement units are available now, with priority given to guests who have a medical need for a refrigerator in their hotel room.  Incoming hotel guests should discuss the matter with a front desk Cast Member to make necessary arrangements.  

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