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FAQs - Aulani
How many villas of each type / view are available at Aulani?

The following table outlines the size and view of all Disney Vacation Club villas planned for Aulani.  Note that the resort is scheduled to open in three phases on the dates indicated.  Individual villas / units must also be added to the condo association before they are available for booking using DVC points.

Aulani Construction Phases

What is the Transient Accommodations Tax?

For all stays at Aulani, Diseny Vacation Club Villas the State of Hawaii imposes a daily Transient Accommodations Tax based on the number of vacation points required for the stay. The State requires that the tax be collected from the guest occupying the timeshare and is collected only if the accommodation is used. Thus, the transient accommodation tax cannot be included in the yearly maintenance fee paid by Aulani owners.

The tax is computed by taking one-half of the yearly maintenance fee, multiplied by the number of vacation points for the length of stay, multiplied by the Time Share Occupancy tax rate.

The rate of the Time Share Occupancy tax was 7.25% prior to December 31, 2015; 8.25% for the period beginning January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016; and 9.25% for the period beginning January 1, 2017 and thereafter.

For 2017, Aulani's yearly Maintenance Fee is $7.0297 per point. The Transient Accommodations Tax on Time Share Occupancy is calculated as such:

$3.51485 (1/2 of the 2017 MF of $7.0297) * 1 (a single point) * 0.0925 (tax rate) = $0.3251 per point

A 7-night stay in an Ocean View studio during the Magic Season at Aulani requires 29 points a night, or 203 points for a week. The transient accommodations tax is $9.43 per night, or $66.01 for an entire week.

Aulani Tax 2017

The tax must be paid at or before check-out. The amount of the tax will vary from year to year and is subject to change.

Does Aulani offer any sort of a dining plan?

The Ulu Cafe Dining Plan lets guests prepay for meals, so you can drop in any time to enjoy an entrée and drink, then quickly get back to the fun.

With this special offer, guests can purchase one meal per individual per night of their stay ahead of time.

Redeem meals at breakfast, lunch or dinner—once per day or combine the total and use them whenever you'd like. Meal credits will be loaded on to the Guest room key card. To redeem meal credits, just swipe a card and go!

Plan Includes:

  • One meal (breakfast, lunch of dinner) at Ulu Cafe per Guest per night
  • Each meal includes one entrée plus one of the following non-specialty beverages: coffee, tea, fruit juice, fountain beverage, hot cocoa or milk

Important Details

  • Ulu Cafe Dining Plan is only available for use at Ulu Cafe, a quick-service dining location. The plan may not be used at any other quick-service or table-service dining location throughout the Resort
  • Meal entitlements for Guests ages 3 through 9 cannot be used by Guests 10 and up
  • Guests ages 3 through 9 must order from the children's menu where available
  • Meal plan duration must coincide with the number of nights of the room reservation
  • The Ulu Cafe Dining Plan must be purchased for all Guests in the party ages 3 and over
  • The duration of the Aulani Ulu Meal Plan Add-On must coincide with the number of nights of the room reservation
  • Meal entitlements may be combined and redeemed in any manner until the total number for the party is used up

For current pricing or to reserve the Ulu Cafe Dining Plan call (866) 443-4763 between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM Pacific Time.

Where can I purchase and use Resort-refillable mugs at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa?

Guests can purchase a Resort-refillable mug at either Lava Shack or Kālepa's Store. Throughout the stay at Aulani, enjoy refills of non-alcoholic beverages, available at the following refillable mug stations:

  • Ulu Cafe: Offering fountain beverages, coffee, tea and cocoa from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Lava Shack: Offering fountain beverages from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • One Paddle Two Paddle: Offering fountain beverages from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
What is the dress code at Aulani restaurants?

Most restaurants at Aulani feature a Resort Casual dress code policy. The following guidelines apply:

  • A shirt is required
  • Shoes or sandals are required
  • If wearing a swimsuit, a cover-up is also required

Shirts with inappropriate words or pictures are not permitted at any time.

For dinner at ‘AMA‘AMA, please follow an Upscale Casual dress code. The following guidelines apply:

  • Men: Please, no baseball caps, board shorts, swimsuits, ripped or torn jeans, tank tops and sleeveless shirts
  • Women: Please, no baseball caps, swimsuits, and ripped or torn jeans

Again, shirts with inappropriate words or pictures are not permitted at any time.