2020 Budgets for All Resorts

Following is a summary of all DVC resort budgets for the calendar year 2020. This information is intended to be a summary of information released by Disney Vacation Club Management Corp. For additional details reference the hardcopy budget documents issued by DVCMC or contact Member Accounting.

(Amounts are expressed in $ Per Vacation Point)

Admin/Front Desk $.8689 $1.1673 $.7154 $.6718 $.8183 $.8333 $.6809 $1.4805 $.8248 $.7508 $1.0208 $.6469 $1.5230 $1.0247 $.6915
Animal Programs .4036 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Annual Audit .0020 .0034 .0049 .0026 .0076 .0030 .0045 .0109 .0019 .0037 .0057 .0011 .0092 .0131 .0059
DVC Reservation Component .0064 .0056 .0062 .0063 .0061 .0061 .0062 .0064 .0069 .0075 .0037 .0061 .0073 .0067 .0070
Fees to the Division .0063 .0966 .0070 .0050 .0071 .0080 .0056 .1303 .0071 .0096 .0066 .0065 .0110 --- .0040
Housekeeping 1.2601 1.1858 1.2568 1.3755 1.2097 1.3205 1.1057 1.7850 1.4983 1.2117 1.5079 1.3653 2.4723 1.3360 1.5118
Income Taxes .0325 .1329 .0411 .0417 .0661 .0358 .0364 .0861 .0355 .0365 .0293 .0304 .0387 .0624 .0463
Insurance .0687 .1902 .1020 .0922 .1132 .0892 .0721 .1117 .0658 .1218 .0724 .0516 .3068 .2260 .0977
Legal .0001 .0002 .0003 .0002 .0005 .0002 .0003 .0007 .0001 .0002 .0008 .0001 .0006 .0009 .0004
Maintenance .7576 .6729 .7386 .5581 .9195 .7355 .7249 1.0937 .6743 .6785 .6690 .5836 1.1456 .5860 .4952
Management Fee .5895 .8497 .5587 .4833 .5909 .5675 .5042 .9339 .5899 .4734 .5748 .4976 1.0177 .5981 .4669
Member Activities .2339 1.1500 .4085 .2177 .2764 .2608 .2652 .5662 .2436 .2970 .3408 .2065 .5964 .1867 .2036
Sales Tax on Sup. Fac. --- --- --- --- --- .0682 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Security .0784 .1371 .0684 .0560 .0754 .1115 .0445 --- .0867 .0986 .0461 .0580 .0847 .1306 .0506
Transportation .6474 --- .3535 .3627 .8061 .5223 .8145 --- 1.0923 .6730 1.1359 .8230 --- --- .4767
Utilities .2616 .5434 .3349 .1871 .2191 .2633 .1728 .4748 .2723 .1143 .3578 .2303 .5421 .1671 .1261
Transient Occupancy Tax --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- .4856 ---
Resort Access Fee --- .2673 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
General Excise Tax --- .2864 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Hotel Condo Assessment --- .0304 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Shared / Common Expenses --- .6882 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- .6223 ---
Assessment / Loan Payment --- --- --- --- --- --- --- .1111 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Total Operating Expenses 5.2170 7.4056 4.5963 4.0602 5.1160 4.8252 4.4378 6.7913 5.3995 4.4766 5.7716 4.5070 7.7554 5.4462 4.1837
Late Fees & Interest (.0492) (.0383) (.0215) (.0360) (.0300) (.0338) (.0270) (.0367) (.0255) (.0446) (.0184) (.0362) (.0512) (.0179) (.0416)
Breakage Income (.1577) (.2503) (.1428) (.1250) (.1621) (.1492) (.1415) (.2235) (.1692) (.1305) (.1667) (.1402) (.2435) (.1591) (.1239)
Parking Revenue (.0107)   (.0189)  (.0252)  (.0113) (.0173)  (.0079)  ---  (.0334)  (.0074)  (.0283) (.0199)   --- ---  (.0056) 
Commercial Facilities Revenue --- (.3738) --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Shared Area Income --- (.2797) --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- (.6223) ---
Member Operating Assessment 4.9994 6.4635 4.4131 3.8740 4.9126 4.6249 4.2614 6.5311 5.1714 4.2941 5.5582 4.3107 7.4607 4.6469 4.0126
Capital Reserves 1.1496 1.1803 1.1552 .9996 1.4084 1.1938 1.2589 2.1855 1.4269 .7970 .9421 1.1563 2.0376 .9356 .8216
Ad Valorem Taxes 1.5195 .6874 1.4951 1.7034 1.4598 1.5463 1.9268 .3844 1.2380 1.7001 1.8079 1.2980 .6274 1.0160 1.7274
Total Dues Assessment 7.6685 8.1312 7.0634 6.5770 7.7808 7.3650 7.4471 9.1010 7.8363 6.7912 8.3082 6.7650 10.1257 6.5985 6.5616

The Member Operating Assessment is equal to the total Cost Components (Total Operating Expenses) LESS the Revenue Components.

The Total Dues Assessment is equal to the Member Operating Assessment plus Capital Reserves contributions (for funding of long-term projects such as roof replacement, exterior painting, room refurbishment, etc.) and Ad Valorem Taxes (property taxes assessed by the county.) 

See below for a detailed description of each cost and revenue component.

Description of Cost Components

Administration and Front Desk - Cost of front desk operations and resort management, including operating supplies and equipment rental. Also includes costs for operational and administrative support from the WALT DISNEY WORLD@ Resort ("WDW).

Animal Programs - Cost of the care of the animal collection on the Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge savanna including food, medical and husbandry. Also includes the cost of the savanna guides who share cultural and conservation information.

Annual Audit - Fee for the independent audit of the Association's financial statements as required by Florida law.

DVC Reservation Component - Fee paid to Buena Vista Trading Company for providing the exchange component of the Club central reservation system.

Fees to the Division - Annual fee of $2, per Vacation Home, per week, assessed by the State of Florida for regulation of the timeshare industry in Florida.

Housekeeping - Cost of cleaning and certain amenities placed in each Vacation Home. Also includes the purchase, replacement and cleaning of linens and towels.

Income Taxes - Federal income taxes. Timeshare condominium associations may not claim non-profit status for federal income tax purposes under current regulations.

Insurance - Cost of insurance premiums for property coverage, general liability, workers' compensation, crime and Director's and Officer's liability.

Legal - Cost of legal counsel regarding Association business.

Maintenance - Cost of interior and exterior maintenance and repairs not paid for out of replacement reserves. Also includes landscaping, pest control and fire alarm monitoring.

Management Fee - Fee paid to DVCMC for providing management services (including home office expenses) to the Association according to the Property Management Agreement. The fee is equal to 12 percent of the total Operating Budget (total operating expenses less the sum of interest income, Member late fees and interest, and breakage income) and Capital Reselve Budget exclusive of real estate taxes, transportation fees and the management fee.

Member Activities - Cost of the quarterly Member newsletter, annual Association meetings and printing and postage for Association legal mailings. Also includes the cost of certain Member recreational activities and events at the Resort.

Sales tax on Support Facilities - State sales tax paid on Condominium's share of costs incurred in connection with the operation or maintenance of the Support Facilities in accordance with the Master Declaration of Covenanats Conditions and Restrictions encumbering the Condominium Property.

Security - Cost of guard coverage at the Resort.

Transportation - Cost of WDW transportation provided to the Resort.

Utilities - Cost of electricity, gas, water, sewer, solid waste disposal, cable television and telephone service at the Resort.

Transient Occupancy Tax - Tax on timehsare occupancy in the City of Anaheim, California.

Resort Access Fee - Paid to Ko Olina Club, LLC for providing to Members certain right of access to and benefits associated with certain Ko Olina Resort entertainment facilities and services.  This cost component is only applicable to the Plan Budget.  

General Excise Tax - State tax that is a privilege tax imposed on business activity in the State of Hawai'i and the City and County of Honolulu.  The estimate total tax due to the Stat of Hawai'i and the City and County of Honolulu on the items of expenses and revenues that are subject to the tax.

Hotel Condominium Assessment - The assessment billed to the Vacation Ownership Condominium Association by the Ali'i Nui Hotel Condominium Association, Inc. for the Vacation Ownership Condominium Association’s share of the common expenses of the Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, Ko Olina, Hawai'i Condominium. See those Budgets for more details. This cost component is only applicable to the Condominium Budget.

Shared Area Expenses - The Member's share of the Shared Area Expenses charged through the Vacation Ownership Condominium Assocation, for the Shared Areas that are not included in the Vacation Ownership Condominium.  This cost component is only applicable to the Condominium Budget.

Description of Revenue Components

lnterest Income - Taxes and Operatinq lnterest earned on (i) ad valorem tax deposits held in escrow and (ii) operating budget deposits invested until expended for operating expenses.

Member Late Fees and lnterest - All delinquent Annual Dues payments are subject to a late fee of $25 per Ownership Interest, plus interest at the maximum rate permitted by law (currently 18 percent) accrued on the amount outstanding from the original due date.

Breakage Income - As stated in the Condominium Documents, Disney Vacation Club Management Corp. ("DVCMC) rents, during the Breakage Period, certain accommodations that have not been reserved by Members. The Association is entitled to receive, as breakage income, the proceeds of such rentals not to exceed 2.5 percent of the aggregate of the Condominium Operating Budget (total operating expenses less the sum of interest income and Member late fees and interest) and Capital Reserve Budget in each calendar year.

Commercial Facilities Revenue - The Common Elements of the Vacation Ownership Condominium include parking garages, cabanas and beach facilities that generate revenue. The revenue generated from these facilities (less a separate management fee to DVCHMC of 10% of the revenues, plus tax, as compensation for operating the facilities) is used to offset Common Expenses of the Vacation Ownership Condominium. This revenue component is only applicable to the Condominium Budget.

Shared Area Income - Shared Area income consist of funds received from the owners of interests or parcels in the Resort that are not part of the Vacation Ownership Condominium as their share of the Shared Area Expenses for the Shared Areas located as part of the Vacation Ownership Condominium. See Additional Budget Note 2. This revenue component is only applicable to the Condominium Budget.


Disney's Riviera Resort

mt_ignore: Disney's Riviera ResortResort Information

Disney's Riviera Resort
1050 Esplanade Avenue
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Check-in: After 4pm (arriving guests may check-in earlier and access will be granted if the room is ready to be occupied)
Check-out: 11am

Original Opening Date: December 16, 2019
DVC Contract End Date: January 31, 2070

Rooms: 341 (max 489)
Tower Studio: 24
Dedicated Studio: 38
Dedicated One Bedroom: 29
Dedicated Two Bedroom: 90

Lockoff Two Bedroom:
(Each can be booked separately as One Bedroom + Studio)

Three Bedroom Grand Villa: 12

Buildings: 1

"Disney’s Riviera Resort is designed to capture the magic of Europe that Walt Disney fell in love with once upon a time."

Resort Amenities

Bell Services: Yes
Valet Parking: Yes
Room Service: Yes
Gift Shop: Yes
Community Hall: Yes
Child Care Center: No
Self-Serve Laundry Facilities: Yes
Grocery Shopping / Delivery Service: Yes
BBQ Grill / Pavilion No



Primo Piatto (Quick Service dining; approximately 7:30am to 11pm)

Breakfast Menu   |   Lunch / Dinner Menu

Primo Piatto features a variety of hot and cold items available for dine-in or carryout.  The menu is subject to mt_ignore: Topolino's Terracechange daily.  Fixtures include a selection of hot and cold sandwiches, salads, flatbread pizzas (for both breakfast and dinner) plant-based selections and more.

Primo Piatto is also the home of the resort's "general store", offering a selection of groceries at Disney prices.  Available items include milk, soda, alcoholic beverages, cereal, fresh fruit, frozen dinners, and more.

Le Petit Cafe (Lounge)

All Day Menu   

Coffee house during the day and wine bar at night. Located in the resort's lobby, the venue will also serve a selection of snacks and treats.  

Disney fans may recall that Le Petit Cafe was featured in the animated classic "The Aristocats."

Topolino's Terrace (Character Breakfast; Signature Dinner)

  Breakfast Menu   |   Dinner Menu Menu

A Prix Fixe breakfast menu accompanies visits by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck, dressed in unique turn-of-the-century garb.

Dinner features European-style cuisine, prepared in the restaurant's wood-burning grill or show kitchen. The rooftop location offers a spectacular view of nighttime shows from either Epcot or Disney's Hollywood Studios, with an outdoor viewing platform also available. 

Advance Dining Reservations are accepted.  The Turf Club is open for dinner.

(Restaurant menu links courtesy of Allears


Riviera Pool (Hours: approximately 10am to 10pm)

mt_ignore:  Riviera Pool

The resort's family-friendly feature pool is located near the shores of Barefoot Bay. It features a winding pool slide and zero entry platform.

Younger kids will enjoy S'il Vous Play, the interactive water area inspired by Europe's public fountains, and featuring characters from Disney's "Fantasia". 

Nearby Bar Riva will serve freshly made cocktails and Mediterranean-inspired snacks.


Beau Soleil leisure pool (Hours: approximately 10am to 10pm)

mt_ignore: Beau Soleil leisure pool

Located in the resort's rear courtyard, the Beau Soleil leisure pool offers a more laid-back swimming and sunbathing experience. All guests are welcome at the leisure pool, however it does not offer a waterslide or dedicated kids play area.  

Towels and lounge chairs are available.  Lifeguards are not present at the Beau Soleil leisure pool.

Bar Riva is just a short walk away, near the Riviera Pool. Quick Service dining is also located nearby at Primo Piatto


Other Recreation Options

Voyageurs' Lounge
Fitness center
Activity center
Activity lawn (bocce ball, chess)
Walking / jogging path


Magic Kingdom: Bus service
Epcot: Disney's Skyliner
Disney Hollywood Studios: Disney's Skyliner
Disney's Animal Kingdom: Bus service
Waterparks: Bus service
Disney Springs: Bus service
Parking: Free self parking plus valet


Note that all pool and restaurant hours are subject to seasonal adjustments.  Lifeguard schedules may change in the event of inclement weather.


Disney's Riviera Resort Points Charts

Riviera Resort Points 2022
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Riviera Resort Points 2021
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Riviera Resort Points 2020
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Riviera Resort Points 2019
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Note that information contained within this page has been obtained from the Disney Vacation Club. DVCNews cannot guarantee its accuracy, nor the accuracy of the point calculator referenced above.



Disney's Riviera Resort Maps & Photos

Resort Maps

(Click on thumbnail to view larger image and description)

Disney's Riviera Resort Map

 (2019 Pre Opening Map) 

Resort Photo Gallery

(Click on category below to filter thumbnails; click on thumbnail to view larger image and description)

Building exterior
Building Exterior
Building exterior
Building exterior
Building exterior with bus stop walkway in foreground
Walkway to bus stops
Porte Cochere
Porte Cochere
Main Entrance
Main Lobby
Main Lobby
Main Lobby
Lobby guest check-in stations
La Boutique gift shop
Le Petit Cafe: lobby coffe shop
View from rear lobby window
Lobby stairway
Lobby Hallway
Voyageurs' Lounge
Elevator vestibule
Resort hallway
Guest laundry facility
Guest laundry facility
Athletique Fitness Center
Activity Center
Primo Piatto exterior entrance
Primo Piatto entrance
Primo Piatto cashier and beverage stations
Grab-and go food & beverage coolers
Primo Piatto food prep area
Primo Piatto dining area
Topolino's Terrace entrance
Check-in podium
Topolino's Terrace Lounge
Topolino's Terrace main dining room
Fireworks viewing deck
Rear courtyard
Rear courtyard
Riviera Pool
Main pool and slide
Riviera Pool slide
S'il Vous Play water play area
Beau Soleil leisure pool
Beau Soleil leisure pool
Fire pit
Rear gardens
Walkway to Skyliner with 'Tangled' mural
Skyliner Station
Skyliner Station
Construction - July 2017
Construction - July 2017
Construction - July 2017
Construction - December 2017
Construction - December 2017
Construction - December 2017
Construction - March 2018
Construction - March 2018
Construction - March 2018
Construction - December 2018
Construction - December 2018
Construction - December 2018
Construction - February 2019
Construction - February 2019
Construction - February 2019
Tower Studio Floorplan
Deluxe Studio Floorplan
One Bedroom Floorplan
Lockoff Two Bedroom Floorplan
Dedicated Two Bedroom Floorplan
Grand Villa Floorplan
Tower Studio hallway entry
Tower Studio sofa (bed folded up)
Tower Studio sofa and two storage ottomans
Tower Studio with queen-size bed down
Tower Studio headboard detail
Left side storage panel with fridge, microwave and dishes
Right side desk and Keurig coffee maker
Reverse angle with TV and sideboard
Sideboard with trash can underneath
Balcony with table and two chairs
Tower Studio bathroom
Bathroom vanity and storage
Walk-in shower
Closet, located in bathroom
Villa entry
Villa entry (reverse)
Living room, kitchen, dining
Queen size sofa bed
Queen-size fold down sofa bed
Peter Pan-themed artwork above sofa bed
Side chairs
Living room TV and twin Murphy bed
Converted Murphy bed
Dining table & chairs, refrigerator
Refrigerator and dining table
Kitchen cabinets, range, microwave, sink and dishwasher
Kitchen cabinets & appliances
Kitchen cabinet detail
Interior hallway
Stacked washer and dryer
Master bedroom with king-size bed
Master bedroom (reverse angle)
King size bed and headboard
Side chair and nightstand
Master bedroom desk and bathroom entry
Master bedroom dresser, TV and closet
Master bedroom closet
Master bathroom vanity
Master bathroom vanity and commode
Commode and second vanity
Shower detail
Master bathroom tub
Queen size bed and twin sofabed
Under bed storage
Full size sofa bed
Full size sofa bed
Pull down sofa bed feature
TV with twin-size Murphy bed below
Bathroom vanity and tub
Bathroom vanity
Bathroom shower
Living room sofa bed and side chairs
Living room sofa and TV
Living room TV and chairs
Living room, looking toward kitchen
Grand Villa Kitchen
Kitchen cabinet detail
Kitchen cabinets and refrigerator
Kitchen island with sink and dishwasher
Grand villa kitchen counters and island
Dining room
Dining room
Washer and dryer
Master Bedroom
King size master bed
Dresser and flat panel TV
Master bedroom side chair and ottoman
Master bedroom closet with robes
Master bathroom vanity
Bathroom vanity and dressing table
Master bathroom tub
Master bathroom shower
Second bedroom with two queen beds
Second bedroom (reverse angle)
Second bedroom dresser and flat panel TV
Second bedroom closet
Second bathroom vanity and commode
Second bathroom vanity and tub/shower
Third bedroom with two queen beds
Third bedroom dresser and flat panel TV
Third bathroom vanity
Third bathroom commode
Third bathroom shower stall

Special thanks to the following for photo contributions: David Welty, Wil & Denise Lovato, Greg from That Park Life Podcast


Complete DVC Resort Budgets

In the fall of every year, Disney Vacation Club publishes detailed budget statements for every resort for the coming year.  These budgets detail expenses for resort services including housekeeping, maintenance and utilities.  They also include property taxes and contributions to capital reserves which will ultimately be used for large scale projects like roof replacement and villa refurbishments.  

Below are links to side-by-side comparisons of these resort costs for each calendar year.  Note that resort-to-resort comparisons may be difficult due to differences in property size, property location, nightly point costs for each villa, resort design and a number of other factors.  

2020 Resort Budgets

2018 Resort Budgets

2017 Resort Budgets

2016 Resort Budgets

2015 Resort Budgets

2014 Resort Budgets

2013 Resort Budgets

2012 Resort Budgets

2011 Resort Budgets (not available)

2010 Resort Budgets

2009 Resort Budgets

The Historical Annual Dues by Resort are also summarized on THIS PAGE, showing the overall annual totals for each property since the inception of Disney Vacation Club.