Friday Feature: Eulogy for Commando Trips

There comes a time in everyone’s life where vacations change and the death of commando hits. For my family, it came one January trip in 2005 after dragging dearest husband Chuck through another fun packed, fast paced trip.  His continuous pointing at the Disney Vacation Club kiosks was the only thing slowing us down as we blew by on the way to the next ride or show. Commando trip:  I tried so hard to keep you but alas, dearest hubby finally won out and that fatal moment happened where we signed beside the Mickey ears.

I will miss you….your early mornings rising as though we were on our way to school or *gasp* work just to make rope drop.  I will always treasure the moments spent running from ride to ride in those early morning hours, trying to squeeze in as much as possible before the masses arrived.  Those moments of realizing that I am dragging hubby and the boys behind me as I race to the next show will forever be in my heart.  Little Miss P.J. will have to create her own moments with you as she was born after “the incident” which forever changed our vacations.

You kept me going from rope drop to fireworks each and every day.  No time for table service!!!  Keep moving.  Fast pass runners go!  Line too long?  Move on!  Come back later says Tour Guide Mike.  Go go go!!!  Nap time – no!  Let them sleep in the strollers.  The next show starts in 10 minutes.  Move out! 

Ah the joys of falling into bed at night, exhausted and unable to move with thoughts racing through my head of which park, where to eat, how to get the most into each and every day lulling me to sleep.  Hitting the ground running as I urge each member of our party through breakfast – hurry hurry – things to be done!

Fun filled days, my commando friend.  Exhausted nights.  Still, not everything accomplished no matter how hard I worked or tried.

You will be missed.  I will think of you often as I relax at nap time in my cool, dark villa.  I will treasure those moments we shared together as the family frolics in the pool.  I will always think of you when dearest hubby actually asks when we are going to Walt Disney World next because you are the one that drove us to this wonderful place…this nirvana of DVC ownership. 

You saved my vacations, my love of all things Mouse, my marriage, my family.  I am forever in your debt and occasionally pay homage to you without even realizing it.  Those few moments where you appear before Charlie, Richard and PJ remind me that if we don’t get to ride this time, we will catch it next time, as we always are coming back. 

Be well Commando Trip.  Not all will be so quick to morn your death or experience your demise.  Be strong with those that haven’t yet felt the need to give up your ways even though they will return time and time again.  Hurry off now….so much to do!