New details on free D23 membership

In late 2012 Disney Vacation Club reported that its members would soon be eligible for a free membership in D23: The Official Disney Fan Club.  New details have since emerged as to exactly what that free level of participation would entail.

Among the benefits of the complimentary D23 membership being offered to Disney Vacaiton Club owners are:

  • Weekly D23 FanFare email newsletter
  • Access to restricted web content
  • Ability to purchase D23 merchandise
  • Access to select D23 member discounts

Among the perks NOT available in this free membership level are:

  • Membership card and certificate
  • Annual membership gift
  • Access to D23 exclusive events
  • Subscription to the D23 quarterly print magazine

These differences make the complimentary DVC membership level a separate entity from D23's standard Gold and Silver level offerings.  The Gold level membership includes all of the above for an annual fee of $74.95.  The Silver level membership includes all listed perks except the print magazine for $29.95 per year.  

Disney Vacation Club had previously indicated that members would be able to register for the free D23 club access sometime in January 2013.  That date appears to have been pushed back as DVC now states that members will receive registration information via email sometime in the spring of 2013.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: New details on free D23 membership -- denlo
2013 Jan 24 09:00:59 AM
I guess I should have known it would be a new level of membership. I've let my own membership lapse, so I'll probably sign up for this DVC version for access to the website.
Re: New details on free D23 membership -- idratherbeinwdw
2013 Jan 24 09:26:32 AM
Very disappointed. The only perk I really cared about was being able to attend the special events. With the exception of "select member discounts" what they are giving for "free" costs them absolutely nothing. Boo hiss.
Re: New details on free D23 membership -- athenna
2013 Jan 24 09:31:47 AM
I agree w/Mar...I'm certainly underwhelmed...Not being able to attend special events? That stinks..I personally, probably wouldnt have been able to attend them anyway, but a lot of people could...
Re: New details on free D23 membership -- belias21
2013 Jan 24 10:17:34 AM
Useless... basically you get the newsletter and access to the site. The discounts don't really differ from what we get as DVC members anyway, do they?
Re: New details on free D23 membership -- TimK
2013 Jan 24 10:56:53 AM
belias21 wrote:
The discounts don't really differ from what we get as DVC members anyway, do they?

Yeah, they do. In fact, most of the D23 discounts are non-park...many non-Disney...locations.

Here is the list:

Whether you can actually use them (or remember to use them) is a different story. We visited the Reagan Museum last summer and used the D23 discount for that. Overall the list is not much to write home about...but then again it is free. :confused24:

I sort of wondered if the special events would be included. Those are already a source of irritation for many paying D23 members because they sell-out so fast. Adding 100,000+ DVC members to the D23 ranks wouldn't help that situation any if event access was included.
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