Ft Wilderness DVC plans leaked

Detailed floorplans and sketches of a proposed Ft. Wilderness Disney Vacation Club property have surfaced, providing a wealth of information on a resort which may never come to be.  

Ft. Wilderness DVC

Rumors of a Disney Vacation Club property at Disney's Ft. Wilderness Resort first surfaced in 2010 when initial permit filings hit the South Florida Water Management website.  Plans called for the relocation of several existing Ft. Wilderness amenities including the Tri-Circle "D" Ranch and construction of a multi-story DVC property.  

Over time the project stalled with DVC giving higher priority to the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Disney's Polynesian Resort.  

Ft Wilderness DVC

However, Twitter account @AmusementLeaks has posted a number of documents from the resort design under the hashtag #WildernessWayResort.  

Thanks to these filings, a great deal of information can be gleaned regarding the proposed DVC property. 

The building itself rises up to eight stories with pools, amenities and guest rooms on the first floor and a main lobby on the third floor. The design features Two Bedroom Dedicated villas, Two Bedroom Lockoff villas--which can be reserved separately as One Bedroom and Deluxe Studio--and numerous two-story Grand Villas.  

Ft Wilderness DVC

Construction would occur in two phases with most common amenities (front desk, retail, dining), the feature pool and guest rooms included in Phase 1. Phase 2 includes the leisure pool and additional villas.  

Two pools are included in the design.  The "Riverpool" complex sports a circular layout and waterslide.  The smaller leisure pool includes water jets cascading into the pool.  Both pools have adjacent hot tubs, and are designed with convenient access to quick service dining, pool bar, restrooms and other amenities.  

Pools are adjacent to Bay Lake with a nearby woden bridge / walkway / marina extending out into the water.  

Ft Wilderness DVC

Overall site plan with DVC building in red and pools in blue.  Note guest parking and Pioneer Hall to the right.  

The front desk, gift shop and restaurant--presumably table service dining--are located on the third floor of the building.  Two "grand" staircases provide access to the ground floor pool.  A waterfall separates the two stairways.  Nearby Pioneer Hall features additional dining and entertainment options including Trail's End Restaurant and the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.  

Additional plans and artwork are displayed below.  

Ft Wilderness DVC

Community Hall included in designs

Ft Wilderness DVC

Quick Service dining, fitness center, arcade and other amenities separate the two pools

Ft Wilderness DVC

Third floor lobby

Ft Wilderness DVC

A closer look at Two Bedroom and Grand Villa room layouts  

Ft Wilderness DVC

Roof garden

Ft Wilderness DVC

Port Cochere

Ft Wilderness DVC

Spring Source water feature

Ft Wilderness DVC

Waterfall bridge

Ft Wilderness DVC

Rope Bridge

Ft Wilderness DVC

"Riverpool" feature pool

Ft Wilderness DVC

Leisure pool

No word on whether or not the Ft. Wilderness project is being revived by Disney Vacation Club.  DVC has announced construction of villas at Disney's Polynesian Resort with an estimated opening in 2015.  

For additional drawings and artwork, see Twitter account @AmusementLeaks.

DVCNews Reader Comments:
River country -- Redzone
2014 Jan 09 12:39:52 PM
Would this be built on the old river country property?
Re: Ft Wilderness DVC plans leaked -- denlo
2014 Jan 09 02:32:56 PM
It looks to me that is it on the property where the stables were located. TimK would say if it was filed with South Florida Water Management District or OCC. It sounds like a CM gave out these plans. I wonder if the project has been shelved? The size of the project is much bigger than I expected.

I remember that a lot of folks on the DISboards, Ft. Wilderness thread were very much against this project. They thought it would mean too many non campers would invade their resort.

I will be interesting to see if this is in the works a few years down the road.
Re: Ft Wilderness DVC plans leaked -- Jathanis
2014 Jan 12 01:04:25 AM
Really? How about we hear something about a second DLR DVC rather than yet another step in Disney's quest to include a DVC in every WDW resort they have...
Re: Ft Wilderness DVC plans leaked -- denlo
2014 Jan 12 02:43:55 PM
Jathanis wrote:
Really? How about we hear something about a second DLR DVC rather than yet another step in Disney's quest to include a DVC in every WDW resort they have...

I understand where you coming from. But it might be that Disney is not willing to give up the land for another hotel at DLR. That's the only thing I can think of as to why they have not announced one already there. I was hoping with the Disneyland Hotel remodel it would happen that DVC would take over some of the rooms.

If they did announce another DVC resort at DLR, DH and I will definitely be in line for an add-on. It would be a nice stopover either coming or going to Aulani. :goodvibes:
Re: Ft Wilderness DVC plans leaked -- MrsNick
2014 Jan 13 09:25:15 AM
Very interesting! This would be the first DVC resort to share facilities with a non deluxe resort. I wonder if that lends any weight to Viking's belief that there have been plans for a DVC at Coronado Springs.

Curious how they would handle transportation...I know the campgrounds have an internal bus system along with a bus system to get folks to other areas of WDW but that it can be cumbersome system, which is one reason we have never stayed in a cabin there.

If they built a DVC resort there, I think we would try it out if transportation wasn't too difficult. That said, these plans are two and a half years old, so my guess is this is tabled indefinitely.
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