New details added to Polynesian DVC rumors

Rumors of a Disney Vacation Club addition to Disney's Polynesian Resort continue to grow beyond the handful of stand-alone waterfront buildings.  

The Polynesian Resort-focusted blog at is now reporting that the DVC presence will go well beyond the mentioned in last month's DIS Unplugged podcast.  Instead Disney will reportedly convert an existing building to DVC villas, and build two new T-shaped villa buildings plus 15 waterfront bungalows.

The first of two new buildings will be located in the Luau Cove, between the Polynesian Resort and Disney's Wedding Pavilion.  Over the years, this relatively unused plot of land has been the subject of frequent Disney Vacation Club expansion rumors.  

Polynesian Luau Cove

Luau Cove

Meanwhile, the Tahiti building will be converted to DVC villas, while the Rapa Nui longhouse will be demolished to make way for a second 5-story T-shaped villa building.  Fifteen waterfront Grand Villas extending out into the Seven Seas Lagoon will reportedly round-out the project.  

Other resort changes include improvements / enhancements to the Grand Ceremonial House and the main pool complex. reports that construction work is scheduled to begin some time in 2013, although it is unclear which of the new buildings or renovations would receive highest priority.  

Construction on Walt Disney World property involving shorlines or waterways must be approved by the South Florida Water Management District.  Permit applications filed with the SFWMD typically provide a good indication of pending resort developments.  The first permits for what is now the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort appeared in March 2011.  Prep work for that project began in October 2011 with physical construction following in January 2012.  

In October 2010, Disney filed permits for an apparent Disney Vacation Club presence at Fort Wilderness, but that project has yet to move forward.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: New details added to Polynesian DVC rumors -- idratherbeinwdw
2013 May 14 12:41:42 PM
Yep, I mentioned this very thing not too long ago here:
Re: New details added to Polynesian DVC rumors -- keepermom
2013 May 14 01:13:20 PM
Although I love the idea of DVC at the Poly it makes me sad that Rapa Nui will be demolished to do so. We have some really great memories staying in that longhouse.
Re: New details added to Polynesian DVC rumors -- imdizfan
2013 May 14 01:16:03 PM
One thing I'm still not clear on...
When Steve (Tikiman) first reported the buildings on the water, he was talking about 2BR units.
At the time, Steve wasn't familiar with DVC units to know a 2BR unit isn't a Grand Villa.
Not sure if GVs are coming from his sources or if it's still from the person who thought GVs should be there.
Re: New details added to Polynesian DVC rumors -- ppony
2013 May 14 04:59:40 PM
I knew it! As soon as BLT went up, I knew it was coming and have been biding my time for adding on. THIS will be our add on to own with our AKL!!! WOO HOO! Finally be a founding member!
Re: New details added to Polynesian DVC rumors -- denlo
2013 May 14 05:46:12 PM
I'm still confused by a DVC resort that would be spread over both sides of the cash resort (and into a new area as well). And no mention of additional parking or dining (in fact removing one dining venue and one parking lot). :confused24:
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