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Caribbean Beach rumors resurface

With Disney Vacation Club running out of deluxe resorts to redevelop at Walt Disney World, the rumor mill is again circling a Moderate property.  

Website WDW News Today claims that DVC has its sights focused on Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort as the next timeshare destination.  

Rumors of a DVC at Caribbean Beach are nothing new.  Back in the summer of 2014, it was one of the resorts prominently mentioned in a DVCNews.com overview of potential destinations.  Back then, sources indicated that Disney was looking at demolishing a number of buildings at Caribbean Beach and redeveloping the property as DVC-style villas.  This latest report suggests the current resort would remain largely untouched with villas constructed a plot of land between Caribbean Beach and Disney's Pop Century Resort.  

The prospect of a DVC resort at a traditionally Moderate property does not necessarily indicate that villa designs would feature smaller floorplans and fewer amenities.  

Our own sources indicate that Disney's Coronado Springs Resort has also been considered in the past for redevelopment as a DVC property.

Disney Vacation Club has revealed its next project to be Copper Creek Cabins & Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge, a separate development from the original Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge which opened in 2000.  Construction permits suggest work on Copper Creek will not be completed until sometime in 2018.  

Meanwhile, Disney continues selling ownership in Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.  That resort is about 40% sold after debuting in January 2015.

Source:  wdwnt.com

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Caribbean Beach rumors resurface -- simbasmom
2017 Apr 05 11:22:51 AM
Actually I'm really looking forward to it-hoping that the points will be lower, more of the level of SSR and maybe OKW. I'm figuring that, even though I'm sure DVC will keep to the deluxe style, that the nearness of a moderate resort will make the DVC resort have a "moderate" reputation. Thus, the points will have to be kept low for it to be desirable. Frankly, I've been getting sticker shock at the point structures in the newer resorts.
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