Grand Floridian causes more monorail restrictions

Construction work on the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort will cause disruptions to monorail service in the coming weeks. is reporting that Walt Disney World monorail service will be disrupted beginning on April 30, 2012 due to construction work at the Grand Floridian.  Guests with confirmed reservations at monorail resorts have been informed of the planned temporary closures, although the exact dates and duration remain unknown.  

In mid-March monorail service was discontinued between 11:30am - 6pm daily for two weeks as necessitated by construciton at the Grand Floridian.  Similar downtime is anticipated here as well.  

During the closures additional bus and water transportation will be added to transport guests to and from destinations normally serviced by the monorail.  The Epcot monorail loop will not be impacted by this closure. 

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Monorail restrictions -- bb9822
2012 Apr 16 06:25:54 PM
I think that they should compensate the dvc members and the people the stay at the monorail hotels ,i mean come on people book these hotels just to be on the monorail line so it is not fair to them ,maybe a few fast passes would help as a i am sorry for the monorail restrictions.

Brian from Nj
Re: Grand Floridian causes more monorail restrictions -- DisneyGal13
2012 Apr 17 02:28:16 AM
Fast passes would be nice... When we stayed at BLT in December they shut the Epcot monorail down before the parked closed on an extra hours night. We had to wait nearly an hour and it wasn't until the third bus before we were able to board for the ride home. When we spoke with a manager she said it was because of noise complaints and offered only her apologies. As far as the quality of ride, it is much harder to stand on a bus compared to the monorail. If a boat was to be offered it can get cold, windy, buggy, and rainy not to mention that most boat docks are not sheltered. Hopefully the limited monorail hours are temporary and we will be able to enjoy monorail resorts as they were intended to be in the near future. Maybe with some improvements too.
Re: Grand Floridian causes more monorail restrictions -- pretty_bird
2012 Apr 17 09:27:05 AM
I've been wanting to stay at the Poly since I was a kid. Sure the monorail line does factor in but at the same time I want to stay there for the atmosphere and that it's a piece of Disney history. However if I stayed there with construction gumming up the works I'd be fairly irritated. To agree with those who've posted before me. Fastpasses honestly cost them nothing. They could just give out similar fastpasses that are good for X amount of uses per room guest just like the ones that are offered if you do a DVC tour or event. Now that doesn't work for people who plan to stay there and not go into the park. It does happen. DH's aunt stayed at the Grand Floridian two years ago (while we were at OKW) for about four nights and never stepped foot in a park. She simply enjoyed relaxing by the pool and the amazing restaurants therein. She did take rides on the monorail to look at the other resorts and to meet us at 'Ohana for breakfast once. Obviously the monorail was convenient but fastpasses would have been lost on her. Perhaps in that situation the guest could be offered a complimentary meal or something similar since all of the amenities aren't as they should be. Or a room upgrade depending on how long the duration of the stay is.
I agree on the Fastpasses -- Twain18
2012 Apr 17 02:41:33 PM
And I think that even on the previous poster's idea that if someone is more about resort hopping and seeing the slower attractions where FastPasses wouldn't necessarily help, I still think it's nice just to feel like you're getting something for the inconvenience. I'd still be happier receiving FastPasses (or at least being offered) on the last day even if I knew I wasn't going back to the parks. Just the acknowledgement that I paid full price for something (or the normal discounted rate I would have gotten anyway, if purchased with a discount) and I received less than expected and that Disney wants to do something to make it right would probably be good enough for most people even if the FPs ended up being wasted.
Re: Grand Floridian causes more monorail restrictions -- domvan
2012 Apr 19 10:38:38 AM
I sure hope that this work is completed by May 19th, 2012... I'm bringing 12 family members to the Bay Lake Towers and a closed monorail will cause us problems. A few of my guests are looking forward to using the monorail for transportation to the Polynesian and Grand Floridian. One of my guests will be in a wheelchair, so I know this will impact them, and they don't want to use the bus service. My Aunt is 74 and she's comfortable on the monorail, but not with the buses. Oh well, I'm hope for the best.

Domenic from PA
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