DVC Systems Struggling to Recover from Outage

Nearly a week after Disney Vacation Club's reservation system was hit by an extended outage, engineers are still working to pick up the pieces.

Update 6/16 10am:  All resort options are now available for booking online and via DVC member services

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The weekend of June 9-10 was not a good one for Walt Disney World's IT department.  An outage which began the morning of Friday, June 9 extended into the weekend, taking down the entire system which controls both hotel and DVC villa reservations.  The outage was system-wide, impacting both web users and Disney Cast Members staffing the reservation phone lines.  It was so extensive that Disney Vacation Club Member Services opted to close early on Saturday, June 10 rather than continuing to answer callers whom they had no ability to assist.  

Six days later, full operations still have not been restored.  The online reservation feature is active at DVCMember.com, however a number of options are missing.  Specifically, there is currently no way to book a room at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort, Disney's Vero Beach Resort or Kidani Village at Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort.  Those resort options are completely absent from both the "Book Online" feature and the Resort Availability Tool.  

No explanation has been provided for the outage, nor is there an estimate for restoring the missing resort options.  Additional updates will be posted to DVCNews.com as they are made available.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVC Systems Struggling to Recover from Outage -- dwelty
2017 Jun 15 11:00:37 AM
I experienced this first hand yesterday. Even categories within available resorts such as 1 bedrooms at Saratoga Springs were neither available on line or through member services. Surprisingly 2 bedroom lock offs were. This leads me to believe that there are a lot of rooms sitting empty this week that would otherwise be booked. Too bad for members wanting a last minute trip. Also Disney is missing out on revenue that might otherwise be generated by these visits.
Re: DVC Systems Struggling to Recover from Outage -- simbasmom
2017 Jun 15 11:12:03 AM
Just in case anyone didn't read the whole article, it wasn't the fault of Disney's Hilton Head. Unfortunately, they were a victim. Ironically, Southwest's website wasn't working right for 2 days earlier this week. Since one thing I was looking for was a Southwest flight to WDW, my whole planning life was shot!
Re: DVC Systems Struggling to Recover from Outage -- SuperRob
2017 Jun 15 11:13:49 AM
I feel incredibly fortunate that I was able to call Monday morning and book our stay in January. I did wait on hold for about 15+ minutes, so clearly there was something going on. Didn't realize the extent of the issues.
Re: DVC Systems Struggling to Recover from Outage -- Dlandmom
2017 Jun 15 10:52:32 PM
I called on Friday to make a change to an existing reservation, moving from BWV to Kidani. Early in the morning, the website said online services were down and to call back on Saturday. Ok, I thought that was weird because I didn't remember seeing any notifications about reservations being down that Friday.

I called back Saturday morning and spoke to a CM who said they were currently unable to access the reservation system and didn't know when it would be back up again and to try back later. About two hours later, I logged back into the website and saw the notification that reservations were down and call back on Sunday!

Ok, I called back on Sunday, spoke to a CM who had some trouble with borrowing from 2018 UY in one contract and transferring to my other contract (both are BWV) so I could move my reservation to Kidani. Eventually, she had to break it into two reservations separated by contract. Then, while I had her on the line, I checked the website to see if the reservation was there. One still showed as BWV, and the other was Kidani. I told the CM I was still showing one reservation at BWV. She said that the same thing had just happened with another guest a little while ago...click through to view the details on the reservation, and it will show Kidani. Sure enough, I clicked through and saw that it was Kidani. She said not to worry, she sees it in her system, and it should be ok since my details show Kidani and not BWV.

I just checked on the website, and both reservations now show as Kidani. I had no idea at the time that it was such a big outage! I remember reading a trip report a few years ago where the guest was checking into Kidani on a day when their reservation system was going through an upgrade. Guests couldn't check in and were told to come back later...I don't think people could check in or get into their rooms until very late in the day, and the CMs had no backup plan for how to handle check-ins if the system upgrade didn't happen as planned. I know it may be entirely unrelated, but this outage reminded me of that story. Poor Kidani, so many problems! Still one of my favorite resorts though.
Common occurrence -- Glenallen58
2017 Jun 16 01:40:47 PM
Unfortunately. Since all the IT people were replaced by HB1 visa workers, outages have become more frequent and longer lasting. This is what happens when you replace quality for lower cost.
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