2014 points charts now available

As the start of 11 month reservations for the 2014 calendar year approaches, Disney Vacation Club has published the resort point values for an additional year.  

In recent years DVC has made changes both large and small to the points charts.  Adjustments for the 2014 year fall toward the lower end of that spectrum with the Aulani villas in Hawai'i the only property seeing points reallocated between different dates and seasons.  

Studios, One-Bedrooms, and Two Bedrooms in all view categories remain unchanged on Aulani's 2014 point chart.  However Grand Villas point costs have been tweaked in 2014 with Standard View costs decreasing 1 or 2 points per night while Ocean View increasing 1 to 4 points.  Additionally 14 days are being moved from Choice Season to the more expensive Magic Season.  Magic Season increases from 95 to 109 days and Choice Season is reduced from 134 to 120 days.

Point changes at Aulani are necessitated by the conversion of one ground-floor Grand Villa to a new quick service dining establishment, expected to open in mid-2013.  

At all other Disney Vacation Club properties, point adjustments are limited to the Easter and Thanksgiving holidays which vary from year-to-year.  The weeks before and week after Easter are always classified as Premier Season (April 13-26, 2014) while the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday surrounding Thanksgiving are placed in Magic Season (November 26-28, 2014.)  These date adjustments are made annually to account for the holidays.  No other adjustments throughout the year are necessary in order to accommodate.  

2014 point values for all eleven Disney Vacation Club resorts are available now on DVCMember.com and here at DVCNews.com.  

Thanks to Wil Lovato for information used in this report.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
2014 points charts now available -- paulieuk1969
2012 Dec 28 12:24:36 PM
As the start of 11 month reservations for the 2014 calendar year approaches, Disney Vacation Club has published the resort point values for an additional year.

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Re: 2014 points charts now available -- denlo
2012 Dec 28 01:21:52 PM
My DH and I have been looking at them. It appears that Aulani has some changes. The GVs points went up for Ocean Views, but the GVs Standard Views went down.

wdrl (my DH) will post more details of other changes after he figures it all out. Or maybe not since he sent the information to TimK. :blush:
Re: 2014 points charts now available -- DisneyGeek
2012 Dec 29 01:34:02 AM
I glanced at them too; the studios all seemed the same for the handful of resorts I checked. I'm very happy about that because my dad would start complaining to me if anything went up for studios at BLT, AKV, or VWL - my parents most frequent destinations! :silly:
Re: 2014 points charts now available -- denlo
2012 Dec 29 11:26:16 AM
I merged the older thread into the DVC News article re the 2014 point charts.
Re: 2014 points charts now available -- wdrl
2012 Dec 29 12:39:01 PM
By changing Aulani's Unit 01A from a residential Unit containing a Grand Villa to a Commercial Unit,, DVD is taking 46,343 points out of Aulani's condominium association. As originally conceived, Aulani was going to have 199 residential Units containing 11,518,422 points. Now, it will have 198 Units containing 11,472,079 points. This change alone would have necessitated a minor tweaking of Aulani's point chart.

However, if the only change being made at Aulani for 2014 was the removal of one Standard View Grand Villa, then I would have expected the point changes for Ocean View Grand Villas to go down, not up. This is because each Aulani Grand Villa Unit is allotted 46,343 points, regardless of its view category. However, the Standard View Grand Villas are rented out for fewer points than the Ocean View Grand Villas. When a lower producing Unit is taken out of the equation, the remaining higher producing Units (the Ocean Views) don't have to absorb as many points. Thus, the remaining Units can be rented out at a cheaper rate.

Since the higher producing Ocean View Units are going up in price, I suspect there are other changes occurring at Aulani in 2014.

DVC may be reclassifying one or two higher producing Ocean View GVs to lower producing Standard View GVs. Grand Villas
#201 and #301 are currently classified as Ocean View villas. Once the new Kids' Splash Zone becomes operational it may block the ocean views for those two Grand Villas, resulting in them being downgraded to Standard View. The remaining Ocean Views have to work harder to make up for the fact that there are more lower producing Units in the equation. That could explain why the Ocean View Grand Villas are going up from 1 to 4 points depending on the season.

Another significant change in Aulani's 2014 point chart is that the number of days in the Magic Season in increasing at the expense of the Choice Season. In 2014, Aulani's Magic Season is increasing from 95 to 109 days; Aulani's Choice Season is decreasing from 134 to 120 days. Since this is not a point-neutral change, something else must be changing at Aulani in 2014.

To account for this change in season length, I suspect that DVC is reclassifying the view categories of some of the vacation homes at Aulani. Currently, there are 28 Ocean View vacation homes that are on the outer side of the Waianae Building that face the nearby Marriott Resort. There are anecdotal reports that guests have been disappointed in the view from these villas. Perhaps DVC is downgrading some of these villas from Ocean View to Island View. A downgrade in view category for several vacation homes would require that the point costs be recovered somewhere else on the point chart. Increasing the number of days in a more expensive season could account for point adjustments.

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