Additional information for our RoomFinder resort databases is not only welcome but encouraged! We're hoping to make these a tool from which the entire Disney Vacation Club community may benefit.

In order to help us keep this information organized, we ask that you please follow these simple guidelines:

Create a new thread on the "Room Database" forum for each submission. Identify the resort and room number in the Title of the message.

Within the body of the message, provide as much detail regarding the resort as possible. If possible include all of the following:

Room Number
*Room Size (Studio, One Bedroom, etc.)
**Room Booking Class (Value, Standard View, Savanna View, etc.)
Handicapped-accessible (Yes or no)
Lockoff or Dedicated villa (was there a connecting door to an adjacent room?)
View (What did you see from the balcony or patio?)
Other Comments (Any other comments to add regarding the villa. Please try to avoid comments regarding the condition of the room. We aren't going to note things like that because it is subject to change on a daily basis.)

*If reporting information on a lockoff Two Bedroom villa, please try to note the Studio and One Bedroom units separately, along with their corresponding room numbers.

**Not all resorts have separate booking classes.

Please note that incomplete submissions are still welcome. The above is wish list of all data we would like to gather. If you do not recall certain aspects of the room (lockoff vs. dedicated, for example), simply mention that in your post.

The only thing that we would ask is to only report information that you are 100% certain is accurate. Please try to avoid making guesses.

Balcony photographs are also welcome. To submit a photograph, you can either load it to the forum directly or link to another source (PhotoBucket, etc.) Alternatively, photos can be emailed to Include the room number and resort in email submissions.

We can only store one photo per room, so pick the shot that you feel best represents the room's view. Straight-angle, wide shots are preferred--photos taken off the side of the balcony or with an extreme zoom will only misrepresent the experience.

Please only submit photos that you have taken yourself--do not borrow photos from other individuals or forums. Note that posting or submitting your photograhs is considered implied consent to have the images included in the appropriate DVCNews Room Database.