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Thread: Disney's Riviera Resort Construction Update - June 2018

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    Default Disney's Riviera Resort Construction Update - June 2018

    Crews continue to make daily progress on the newest Disney Vacation Club property: Disney's Riviera Resort.

    The Riviera building dominates the view at current Caribbean Beach entrance

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    I always enjoy looking at construction photos and tracking the progress from month to month. We were last at WDW in early March and at that time the Riviera was only built out to the fifth floor.

    Speaking of the Riviera, I have noticed a few comments on the internet about the resort that strike me as being odd. So far, Disney has released very little information about the resort besides confirming it will be a DVC resort, it will be on the Skyliner route, and have a rooftop restaurant. A single artist's drawing of the Riviera's exterior has been published, but nothing has been released about the building's interior or what the villas will look like.

    Despite the paucity of information about the Riviera, several people are already complaining about the resort. Based on the single exterior drawing, some people say the Riviera doesn't have a Disney theme, it looks like a generic Hampton Inn, or that the resort looks too fancy.

    Personally, I think its premature to form any opinions about the Riviera. We don't know much about what the villas will look like, nor anything about the overall theme. I'll wait until Disney releases more information about the Riviera before I form an opinion about it.

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    I think a lot of people love to complain about things beforehand and claim how "bad" they'll end up being.
    Look at Pandora, tons & tons of people on Disney sites (although not really this one) commented about how bad a decision making Pandora at Animal Kingdom was, and what an unpopular disaster it would be.
    Now, after it's overwhelming popularity, we don't hear from those folks anymore. They're busy looking for other things to complain about.

    I'm looking forward to the Riviera, and will judge it after it opens and I've seen it myself.

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    I am interested to see how they will move the entrance to Caribbean Beach. We heard a number of months ago that the Customs House at Caribbean Beach would close and check in would be at Port Royal. I hope that is true because it is pretty confusing having a Caribbean Beach sign right at the entrance to the Riviera as you can see the photo above. There is a new entrance to CB off of Victory Way and I expect that will be the official entrance. Now they need to close off some of the roads between the two resorts. Otherwise the bus noise could be excessive if you get buses from both resorts traveling around the Riviera.

    I can't wait to see more details of the Riviera, but I know DVC will make us wait until shortly before or when they announce sales.

    Thanks TimK for continue to provide these updates on the structure.

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