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Thread: Modify Reservations Online with New Booking Site

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkeef View Post
    I see what you are saying and it makes sense just curious if you know this as fact or in theory.

    Since rooms aren’t assigned at the time the reservation is made and so many competing reservations lengths it doesnt seem impossible for any extra days we would want to be completely booked.

    We own at BLT and it seems near impossible to book standard view anything outside the 11 mth window (for week long +stays ) so I’d hate to leave it to chance. I appreciate the insight tho.
    It is most definitely fact, with one small caveat that I will explain at the end. You are correct that BLT standard is always difficult to book, even for owners (as am I). There are a finite number of rooms and high demand by members for the limited inventory. However, even more difficult than BLT standard are the club level rooms at AKV, which is my other resort. There are exactly 5 club level studios villas available for owners to book. Taking my original example, if I booked the 7-night stay in a club level studio on Feb 1, 2018 for Jan 1-8 2019, that villa becomes unavailable for anybody else to book during that period. This leaves only 4 available rooms on those 7 nights that can be booked. Only owners who have booked a stay with an arrival between January 1-7 can book dates beyond January 7; all other owners will need to wait until February 8, 2018 to be able to book January 8 as the first night of their stay. By booking at your 11-month window, the 8th night in your booked villa (and beyond) will not be available to anybody else but you until 7 days later when another member can book night 1 of their stay on January 8, unless you extend before they can grab that as their 1st night. It makes no difference that the rooms aren't assigned -- the rooms simply are gone from the available inventory (i.e., only 4 potentially available, not 5).

    [By the way -- this is essentially how people "walk" reservations.]

    The one small caveat would be that DVC can always remove a room from inventory before a member can book it (e.g., for maintenance, etc.). So in my example DVC might have scheduled maintenance for one of the club level studio rooms for January 8, leaving only 4 rooms available to book. If the other 4 rooms extend beyond January 7 before I do, then I would be out of luck. To me, this risk is pretty small but certainly something to consider. I can tell you that this has never happened to me.

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    Brad1972 and TimK are correct. Walking at the 7 month mark doesn't work this way though as an owner can take the room you are walking away at their 11 month mark while you are still at the 7 month mark. So you suddenly get to a point and there isn't a room available. IMO no room is worth the time walking takes. I would just book my home resort and at the 7 month I would try to switch and if it's not available I still have my home resort. More members are booking this method so it makes it harder to switch at the 7 month mark during popular DVC booking periods especially October through Marathon weekend in January.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denlo View Post
    IMO no room is worth the time walking takes.
    The only rooms I do it for are club level ones at AKV. Those are pretty unique, and always hugely in demand. Was surprised to have to waitlist a value room at 11 months as well recently, but the waitlist did come through in a couple of days.

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    Just this past Saturday DH and myself were hoping to change our reservation at BCV from a 2BR lock-off to a dedicated. We needed to wait list. The new site looks pretty - but is very difficult to navigate. It has no clear way of stating wait list. We had to call and after getting a busy signal for an hour we finally got thru only to get disconnected after 48 minutes 20 seconds on hold. I know, I know - what were we thinking. We had to go to a grad party and couldn't call back later (as they suggested because of member cruise booking.) So called back again with us taking turns getting ready with the phone on speaker to have the cm walk us thru, explain the details to get on the list - he had to keep checking also, and after 25 minutes finally get it done. The old site was not perfect but it was a lot more clear than the new

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