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Thread: RUMOR: Contractors in Place for River Country DVC

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    Default RUMOR: Contractors in Place for River Country DVC

    A new rumor claims construction on the former River Country site will add about 300 Disney Vacation Club villas and 400 hotel rooms to Walt Disney World property.

    River Country Construction Staging Area (purple)

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    I was wondering if they would ever doing anything with that site. In March 2018 we took a photo from a small pontoon boat of the old water park. We were unable to get close to shore because of somethings were left behind and have submerged under water. We got a warning where we took this photo with a a telephoto lens.


    There will be lots of clean up on the property before construction can begin. And if River Country is not scheduled to start until after the Star Wars Hotel is constructed I expect it will 2021 before any building appears. I sure hope Disney doesn't call this resort Ft. Wilderness it is just too confusing have two places, Ft. Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge, with the word Wilderness in their names now. Why not call this new resort after the original waterpark of River Country?
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    Couple/few years ago Millie and I were over near Pioneer Hall and started wandering back towards RC area. Well, we never jumped a gate or crossed a "Do Not Enter" but we managed to get ourselves into the RC area. We walked the boardwalk through the swamp until the boards seemed a little too rotted and even entered a couple old buildings storing some pretty odd looking stuff.

    I have mixed feelings about a resort going there, I think it's going to ruin the feel of FW and most likely will be the beginning of the end for the camp ground.

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    I guess this is sort of related to the topic but it came to mind reading about plans for ANOTHER DVC resort... We keep seeing success of DVC purchases and the increase of more resorts going up...and more resorts means more people on site. The parks are so crowded whenever we go, no more "best" weeks that we can find. We have flown down 3 times so far this year and have two more trips planned in 2018. Though we have platinum plus annual passes, we are finding we spend more and more time at the resort than at the parks. Sadly. And if they keep adding resorts - Magic Kingdom isn't getting any bigger. And when we were there last week (we never go in June normally, but have relatives nearby that wanted a visit) we went to get in the FP lines at various attractions and ended up is slo-pass lines. The 7Dwarfs ride's FP line was around the corner and backed up to past the entrance to Be Our Guest. And Haunted Mansion? FP line was backed around the corner of the gift shop. And at DHS, it is now a half day visit at best. Areas blocked off, attractions closed...and when Toy Story Land opens, prepare for the onslaught of everyone in a small area... I guess since we started going more often back around 1998, it spoiled us for current day. At some point though if the trend continues, we will just drive over to Lake Winnipesaukee and rent canoes and spend weeks at the lake. No flight costs, no annual passes, no $200 dinner bills, no annual dues, etc. With the current resale market we can recoup more than 100K for our points. Thinking off the cuff, we could buy a house on the lake for that matter. I guess if enough people get frustrated and leave, the crowd level might just go down a tad...Disney won't notice the lack of our money coming their way since they make slightly more than a bazillion (technical term) dollars every day. But at least our hard earned money won't be in their coffers any more. And since we are retiring next year, our pennies will count more than ever to us.

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