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Thread: Glasses and Mugs Disappearing from DVC Studios

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firenut81 View Post
    We complained months ago. SSR is our home resort. No word back from DVC. We have also, as stated by many, have seen a drastic decline in services and amenities (and only members since 2008).

    Who do you all send your complaints to so that you know they are being heard? We have family who are members (SSR) and they would certainly jump on board this train. Enough already!
    You might try to email DVC Member Satisfaction for anything related to DVC or DVC resorts. I. have had good experiences with them. They do want details, including the date and resort, and what you have already done regarding the problem.

    For anything else not DVC related, but WDW Disney -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderelly View Post
    Was at BWV studio 4/6-13 and had ceramic mugs and glass glasses. We also got the new wrapped paper plates and bowls. We always got the paper plates and bowls, but these are wrapped in packages of two and are very sturdy. They are recycled material and that is printed on the packaging. We had no problem with these environmentally friendly products. It was an improvement over the previous products. We did run out of plates and housekeeping gave us more. We then went to Vero where the same setup was there in the ocean view main building studio. In addition to what was offered at BWV, they also had wrapped foam cups. I like to drink my coffee from a larger mug, and will often use a trip as an excuse to purchase an addition to my Disney ceramic mug collection.
    DVC can't possibly pass this off as environmentally friendly if there is foam involved.

    I usually buy one or two refillable mugs (depends on how close we are to a refill station) and use that for my morning coffee. Those tiny coffee cups tend to make the coffee magically disappear between the time I pour it at the kitchenette and the time I sit down on the balcony. No clue where it goes.

    But glasses... yeah, I want glasses. Try putting a paper cup of anything next to the bed and expecting it not to tip. Nope. Need something short with weight (and preferably with a lid, but that's a different issue).

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    Quote Originally Posted by markpaisley View Post
    Having studios with only paper products makes them seem like second class citizens. All DVC members should be treated the same regardless of what size accomodation is chosen. We all paid for the points on the same basis!
    I normally agree with this sentiment, but weíre not all using our points the same way. Go on any blog, fan site, or the community pool to hear people plotting how to get 5 or 6 people into a studio generally designed for no more than 4 non-infant guests. For myself, my wife, and our son (who is about to turn 4), we find the studios small. I canít imagine trying to squeeze more people in the room. But people do, or at least try.

    Tufts has a great white paper on how many uses a reuseable cup (glass, ceramic, plastic) are needed before it costs less energy and resources to do better than the paper or foam equivalent. (And it doesnít account for other environmental costs). They account for washing costs and manufacturing costs. For reuseable versus paper, itís 15 uses for glass, 17 for plastic, and 39 for ceramic. For reuseable versus foam, itís 393 for glass, 450 for plastic, and 1006 for ceramic. They report that if you donít use an energy efficient dishwasher, reuseable is never cheaper than foam from the businesses perspective.

    Since studios donít have dishwashers, itís probably way cheaper for them to switch out the reuseable products in the studios.
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