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Thread: Waitlist; not sure what happened.

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    Default Waitlist; not sure what happened.

    Few months ago, at the 11 month window, I booked 16 nights. Because I didn't have enough points for my Resort of Choice, I booked the first three and the last two nights at OKW.

    At seven month windows for both front & back, I tried to moving to my RoC but I had to waitlist. It was set up to be automatic & they had permission to use points as needed. They knew that both waitlist had to include all days for that portion. In other words, all three nights on the front or both nights in the back.

    So a few months go by and nothing, not a word. We pretty much came to the conclusion the waitlist wasn't going to come through for us and we were moving twice on this trip.

    The beginning of the trip was actually a few days at a conference, then down to WDW for vacation. Last week the conference was canceled so today we were sitting down and planning out a different, work related, start to our vacation. We also decided since our waitlist wasn't coming through, we'd see if we could move the first three days at OKW to AKL or Kidani because my son & his family were checking in there a couple days after we get there.

    So I call MS and with virtually no wait I'm speaking with a CM. I start by asking if there had been any movement on the waitlist, asking about the back end specifically. She takes a look and comes back with those two nights being available. So then I ask about the front end and same thing. Five minutes later we have 17 days at our RoC.

    Now, obviously I'm happy, but I'm also a bite whizzed that this only happened because I called. The point of my long winded story is to tell folks not to trust 'automatic" regardless of what you are told.

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    Congratulations on getting a reservation in one place.

    It is my understanding that the points for a wait list are pulled automatically but a notice is sent to Member Services where someone manually changes everything. I wonder if MS can use those points when calls come through instead? That seems a little unfair to those whose wait lists were waiting to be processed that some who just happens to call gets the points instead though. I am not sure we will ever know what really happened as it is possible it was your wait list(s) that had come through.

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    We had a very similar experience with our January vacation - makes one wonder.

    Janet & Dan

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