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Rules and Guidelines for Participation

DCVNews forums are intended as a fun place where DVCers can come to interact in a community of people with common interests. When participating in our Forum, there are a few s imple rules we ask each member to follow.

I.  Communicate in a friendly and respectful manner - Absolutely no personal attacks. It's OK to share your opinions and to disagree, we simply ask that you do so without attacking another member in the process.  If you feel you have been personally attacked in our community, don't respond with an attack of your own. Instead, e-mail the Moderator / Administrator to alert us of the problem.

II.  Keep it clean - Profanity and obscenities will not be tolerated. This includes masked profanity where letters are substituted with special characters.

III.  Don't instigate arguments - Content intended to inflame or disrupt the community is not allowed. This includes harassment of fellow members, links to inappropriate content, racial, ethnic, religious or other slurs, name-calling and heated political discussions.

IV.  Respect our Fellow Communities - We ask that forum members be respectful of other websites, particularly those with active Disney Vacation Club communities.  DVCNews values its relationship with other communities and respects the fact that many forum members visit multiple sites.  Posters should not be made to feel uncomfortable in their visits here due to open abuse or criticism of other forums / communities.

Members are also asked to refrain from using other forums and/or their Private Messaging systems to "recruit" individuals to visit this site.  Such activity reflects poorly upon this site and its community.

V.  No solicitations - No advertising of personal or business activities without prior approval from forum management.  Prohibited activities include promotion of items for personal financial gain, requests for donations, the sale or rental of Disney Vacation Club contracts or points and other similar actions.

VI.  Links to Other Sites - You are welcome to link to your website on our boards provided that a) you are not promoting a commercial service or for-profit venture, b) you don't post here primarily to promote your site and c) that you place a prominent link to DVCNews.com on your website.

VII.  Respect our Moderator Team - The DVCNews moderators are volunteers who do their best to maintain the integrity and standards of our community areas. Should a problem arise on a message board, we ask that you assist the moderator team by paying attention to their posts and following any directions they may provide. Please do not post attacks or insults against the moderators. It is your choice to continue to visit the forums. You will be banned from the forum if you post attacks or insults aimed at the moderators.

VIII.  Keep on topic - Please keep all postings and subject matter relevant to the thread topics. This is a forum where members share and give advice and information, not a place to gossip, rant, or rave about subject matters not pertaining to the discussion.

These rules are here for your protection. They ensure we maintain a fun, safe and supportive environment where members can discuss a topic they enjoy. Members who continually break these rules are subject to account suspension and are no longer eligible for participation in our community.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these policies, please direct them to administrator@dvcnews.com
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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