Frequently Asked Questions - Database

FAQs - Database
What purpose does the RoomFinder database serve?

It can serve a number of roles.  Here are a few examples:

Perhaps the greatest benefit would come to members who have never visited a particular resort.  Let’s say you are headed to AKV for the first time and had a reservation for a Value class Studio.  How would you know what other requests to put on your reservation?  The database allows you to plug in AKV Value Studio and see balcony photos taken from different rooms in that class.  Seeing those views may aid folks in adding a certain Trail or Savanna request to their reservation. 

Or perhaps you are headed to the Beach Club Villas and think that requesting an “Epcot View” sounds like a good idea.  But after searching for the word “Epcot” under the view, one thing that may stand out is people mentioning how loud the road noise can be in that area of the resort.  That warning may be enough to cause someone to re-thinking their requests.

Or let’s pretend that you have a villa booked at OKW in the “near Hospitality House” category, but aren’t sure which buildings fall into that class.  Searching the database will quickly reveal which buildings are in that category. 

Some disabled members have expresed an interest in knowing which villas are handicapped accessible.  Since the numbers are so small at each resort, they don’t even have a guarantee of all views and locations being available to them.  For instance, there is no value in a disabled member requesting a Congress Park accessible room at SSR if none exist. 

The RoomFinder can also help crystallize some of the availability issues that members often ponder.  The ability to book a room at 7 months (or even 11 months) often depends upon how many are available to begin with.  For instance, how many “near HH” Grand Villas are there at OKW?  How many Standard View studios are there at BWV…and how many of them have a view of Illuminations?  How many rooms have day beds at BWV?  How many two bedroom villas at BCV have two queen beds and what sorts of views do they have?  What are the odds of getting a Savanna view from a Value room at AKV? The answers to these questions will give members a more realistic expectation for their future bookings.  



I don't know anything about databases. How do I search for information?

By default, the search pages are set-up to display every room at a resort.  When you change settings on the search page, you are narrowing the results to just rooms that match your settings.  For example, if you change the Room Size indicator to Studio, you will get a list of all Studio villas. 

If you change the Room Size indicator to Studio and the Floor indicator to 1st, you will only see First Floor Studios. 

The last two criteria on each search page are labeled Balcony View and Guest Comments.  Those are free-form text fields.  You can type any word(s) in there an the search results will be limited to just records (rooms) which contain those words.   Type "Illuminations" in the Balcony View field and you will only get a list of rooms that have the word Illuminations in the view description.

Does the RoomFinder have information on ALL rooms at the DVC resorts?


Currently the databases contain listings for all rooms at:

Animal Kingdom Villas (Jambo)
Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas
Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort
Beach Club Villas
Saratoga Springs
Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel
Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort
Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge (Boulder Ridge)

However some of the specifics on each room are incomplete (handicapped designation, guest comments, balcony photos, etc.)  

The databases for the Boardwalk Villas, Hilton Head Island and Old Key West list a large percentage of the rooms, but not all of them.  We encourage our readers to submit data on any missing or incomplete room records.  

Room information can be submitted via email thru the form posted HERE. If you have a balcony photo to share, please mark "yes" on the appropriate box and we will contact you to obtain the photo.

After completing a search I only see 25 matching rooms listed. How do I see the rest?
By default only 25 matching records (rooms) are displayed per page.  You can increase that number to as many as 50 by changing the "Display#" field at the bottom of the page.  Or you can use the "Next" and "End" links to scroll through additional matching records. 
Do you have any maps which show room locations at the DVC resorts?


DVCNews has partnered with website to integrate resort maps for several locations.  Currently available are maps for the Beach Club Villas and Animal Kingdom Villas (Jambo.)  

To view the maps, first complete a search in the BCV (link) or AKV (link) database.  

After completing the search, the Floor Number is actually a hyperlink which, when clicked, will take you to the appropriate floorplan at .  Click on "1st" (or "2nd" or whatever the floor number may be) to open the map for that floor of the resort.  

This feature is currently available for BCV and AKV only, but additional resorts are coming soon.

I have information on a room not listed in the RoomFinder. How do I submit it?

Room information can be submitted via email thru the form posted HERE. If you have a balcony photo to share, please mark "yes" on the appropriate box and we will contact you to obtain the photo.

Where are the balcony photos?

The photos are displayed as thumbnail (small) images on the far right side of the screen AFTER completing a search. 

Since the databases debuted we have added dozens of photos contributed by readers.  Still many hundreds of rooms are without photos.  If you do not see a thumbnail in the "Balcony Photo" column, it is because we do not have one on file.  

I have balcony photos from my recent stay to share. How do I do that?

Complete the room submission form posted HERE. If you have a balcony photo to share, please mark "yes" on the appropriate box and we will contact you to obtain the photo.