Frequently Asked Questions - Policies & Procedures

FAQs - Policies & Procedures
Can room reservations be made via or any other website?

Yes.  Disney Vacation Club introduced a realtime reservation on in 2012.  Reservations can be made beginning at 8am eastern exactly 11 or 7 months prior to arrival.  

Most transactions can be completed via the member website including banking points, borrowing points, making reservations, cancelling existing reservations, entering waitlist requests and more.  

Some transactions--such as modifications to existing reserations--still require a phone call to Disney Vacation Club Member Services.   

What happens if there are no rooms available when calling to make a reservation?

DVC maintains a waitlist system which allows members to go on a waiting list for rooms which are not available at the time of the initial call.  Requests are satisfied on a first-in, first-out basis.  As members cancel existing reservations, attempts will be made to match the now-vacant accommodations to requests on the waitlist.

Note that members are currently limited to only two active waitlist requests at a time. 

What is the best approach for waitlisting a desired accommodation?

Given the limitation of only two active requests at a time, members must make reasonable decisions about the resorts and views for which they waitlist. 

A member who has no secured reservation would be wise to waitlist for the largest resorts / views available.  Included in those groupings are the likes of Saratoga Springs, Old Key West (non-Hospitality House) and Animal Kingdom Villas Savanna View.  Those categories have the highest chances for waitlist success given the number of villas available.

In other cases, members have a confirmed reservation but use the waitlist in an attempt to switch to a more favored resort or view.  This is a valid approach, but success depends a great deal upon size and demand for the target accommodation.  For example, a waitlist request for a BoardWalk Preferred Garden / Pool View room has much greater chances for success than the Preferred BoardWalk View or Standard View categories at the same resort.  

How long do DVC waitlist requests stay in effect?

The first phase of the waitlist runs from 11 months out until 31 days before check-in.  Members who call at any time during this period are placed on a waitlist and their alternate accommodations will be booked subject to instructions left with Member Services.  However, 31 days from the check-in date, the entire waitlist is completely erased.

Those wishing to continue waiting for alternate accommodations must contact Member Services after the 31-day mark and ask to be placed on the second phase of the waitlist.  This second waitlist will run up to 7 days before the check-in date.  Seven days out the waitlist is eliminated altogether.  The only way to attempt to book DVC accommodations on that short of notice is to call Member Services periodically and inquire about availability.

The purpose of the two-pronged waitlist is most likely to address the Holding Account rules.  If a member were to forget that he/she made a waitlist request, and then had that request come through more than 31 days out, the trip could still be cancelled with no penalty.  However rooms booked on less than 31 days notice have strict cancellation penalties.  Points from these cancellations are placed in a Holding Account.  Holding Account points must be used by the end of the Use Year (they cannot be banked) and they can only be used for accommodations booked on 60-days notice or less.  Therefore the purpose of the second phase of the waitlist is likely to give members a chance to re-assert their desire to book DVC accommodations without leaving them inadvertently subject to the late cancellation penalties.

What are the odds of DVC meeting my waitlist request?

That's a very difficult question to answer because no two waitlist requests are the same.  The primary factors in determining success are:

Number of consecutive nights.  Getting a reservation from the waitlist for 2 nights is going to be a whole lot easier than getting 10 nights.

Overall popularity of resort / dates / room class.  Obtaining a One Bedroom at Old Key West in January will tend to have a higher degree of success than a Standard View Studio at the BoardWalk in December.

How early in the process the request is added to the waitlist.  A waitlist request placed 10 months prior to check-in will have much greater chances for success than a request placed 2 months ahead. 

Many people report surprising success in using the waitlist.  Those who are using the waitlist in an attempt to obtain a different resort from the one currently booked (i.e. have a reservation for OKW but would prefer to stay at BWV) have little reason not to give it a shot.  There is no cost associated with using the waitlist and the process is entirely hands-off. 

However, those who have no current reservation and require a room confirmation before making other travel arrangements should be more cautious.  Simply going on the waitlist is no guarantee for success.

How do I request a specific room location, floor or view for my trip?

All DVC room requests should be communicated to DVC Member Services prior to arrival at the resort.  Renters must ask that the DVC member communicate their requests to Member Services.

DVC resorts do not accept fax requests, and the resorts have limited ability to accommodate requests which are not communicated until the guest’s arrival at the front desk.

Remember that while the resorts will try to accommodate all member requests, they cannot guarantee their ability to do so. 

What is the housekeeping schedule for DVC Villas?

DVC members (and their guests, including renters) staying on points receive limited housekeeping services. 

For stays of 8 days (7 nights) or less, guests will receive the Trash & Towel service on Day 4.  The Trash & Towel service is essentially what it sounds like; housekeeping will provide fresh towels, empty the trash and replenish consumables like toiletries and laundry detergent. 

For stays of more than 8 days (7 nights), guests will normally receive a full cleaning on Day 4 and Trash & Towel service on Day 8.

Guests who would prefer that the services be performed on a different schedule can simply request it at the front desk.  Services can be moved to different days at no charge as long as there is no increase in frequency of service.  Additional cleanings or T&T services are available for a fee.  The charges are as follows:

Trash & Towel:

Studio/Inn = $15 per service
One Bedroom = $20 per service
Two Bedroom = $25 per service
Treehouse Villa = $25 per service
Grand Villa = $35 per service

Full cleaning:

Studio/Inn = $30 per service
One Bedroom = $45 per service
Two Bedroom = $60 per service
Treehouse Villa = $60 per service
Grand Villa = $75 per service

The limited housekeeping services may seem odd to some, but it mirrors the practices of others in the timeshare industry.  Many timeshares will only provide cleaning services between guests. 

Member dues fund 100% of the housekeeping budget so limiting services is in the best interest of the resort's ownership.  Those who wish additional services are welcome to pay the listed prices.

Do I have to pay for additional consumables during my stay?

In some cases, yes.  Items such as laundry soap, coffee and toiletries are provided in limited quantities upon arrival and replenished (free of charge) only when the room is serviced by housekeeping.  Additional quantities can be purchased by contacting housekeeping.  Prices are as follows:

Laundry soap (single load box) = $1
Towel pack = $6
Toiletries (bar soap, shampoo, etc) = $5
Coffee service = $3

Other consumables are replaced as needed at no charge to guests.  Included are facial tissue, toilet tissue, paper towels, liquid dish soap, dishwasher detergent, trash bags and paper / plastic dinnerware (studio villa.)

I'm staying in a Studio this time. Is there somewhere I can do laundry at the resort?

Those staying in DVC Studio accommodations may not have a washer and dryer right in their room but they do have free access to public facilities.  Each resort has washer and dryers available to members at no cost.  Use is first-come, first-served.  Locations vary by resort—at Saratoga Springs and Old Key West they are located near each of the pool complexes. 

Note that some of the washer / dryer units have coin slots, but money does not need to be inserted in order to operate the machines.

We don't need a lot of room, How many people can I REALLY put in a DVC room?

Contractually, room occupancy for all resorts except the Animal Kingdom Villas, Bay Lake Tower and Villas at Grand Californian is limited to 4 persons in a Studio or One Bedroom Villa, 8 occupants in a Two Bedroom Villa and 12 in a Three Bedroom Grand Villa.  Unofficially DVC will allow up to 5 in a One Bedroom, 9 in a Two Bedroom and 13 in a Grand Villa.  However, in doing so, the resorts will not furnish any additional bedding or towels for the additional guest.  Guests must either bring their own resources (sleeping bag, air bed, towels from home, etc.) or make due with the standard room amenities.

Being an unofficial policy, DVC could legally alter its stance on these changes at any time and revert to the original 4/4/8 guest limits.

The Animal Kingdom Villas, Bay Lake Tower, Grand Californian and Aulani contractually allow 5 guests in most One Bedroom and 9 in most Two Bedroom Villas.  The Standard, Savanna and Concierge class rooms at AKV are all guaranteed the higher occupancy.  Only AKVs Value class rooms will adhere to the 4/4/8 occupancy limits.

Can it divide my stay among multiple DVC (and non-DVC) resorts?

Sure.  Disney will move your luggage from one Disney-owned resort to another at no charge (gratuities expected.)  Contact bell services on the morning of the move and when they arrive, let them know your final destination.  Expect luggage to arrive at your new resort after 5pm.  You will have to call bell services to request delivery to your room as they will not do so automatically. 

Expect to be without a room between 11am and 4pm on the day of the move.  Staying at multiple resorts may have a negative impact on the Disney Dining Plan (credits cannot be carried over from one resort to another), so consider that before booking a split stay.  Also note luggage delivery to/from the Vero Beach and Hilton Head Island resorts is not available.

What are Reservation Points?

When Disney Vacation Club points are used to book a non-DVC destination, they are converted into something called Reservation Points.  Reservation Points cannot be used to book stays at any of the eight DVC resorts.  For this reason members should be cautious when committing points to non-DVC resorts, particularly if they do so due to a lack of availability at the DVC resorts.

Functionally a member cannot book a stay at (for example) the Polynesian Resort and then go on the waitlist for the BoardWalk Villas or Old Key West using the same points.  As soon as the reservation is secured at the Polynesian, the points used are converted to Reservation Points and even if the Polynesian stay is cancelled, the points remain Reservation Points and are no longer valid for bookings at the DVC properties.