Complete DVC Resort Budgets

In the fall of every year, Disney Vacation Club publishes detailed budget statements for every resort for the coming year.  These budgets detail expenses for resort services including housekeeping, maintenance and utilities.  They also include property taxes and contributions to capital reserves which will ultimately be used for large scale projects like roof replacement and villa refurbishments.  

Below are links to side-by-side comparisons of these resort costs for each calendar year.  Note that resort-to-resort comparisons may be difficult due to differences in property size, property location, nightly point costs for each villa, resort design and a number of other factors.  

2021 Resort Budgets

2020 Resort Budgets

2018 Resort Budgets

2017 Resort Budgets

2016 Resort Budgets

2015 Resort Budgets

2014 Resort Budgets

2013 Resort Budgets

2012 Resort Budgets

2011 Resort Budgets (not available)

2010 Resort Budgets

2009 Resort Budgets

The Historical Annual Dues by Resort are also summarized on THIS PAGE, showing the overall annual totals for each property since the inception of Disney Vacation Club.