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Rivers departing Aulani

Written by Tim Krasniewski on . Posted in Aulani Villas News

Djuan Rivers, Vice President of Disney's Aulani resort, is leaving his post to take on an executive role with at Disneyland Paris.  

Rivers was brought on board the Aulani project in the spring of 2008 and helped shepherd the project through its August 2011 grand opening.  Rivers is reportedly leaving Aulani to oversee all hotel operations at Disneyland Paris.  According to Pacific Business News, Rivers seven resort hotels as well as convention and golf faciliites at the European resort complex.  

Rivers is a long time veteran of Disney's hotel operations, having previously served as general manager of Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  This move represents a return to Disneyland Paris for Rivers, who previously lead the openings of three of the resort's hotels.  

Filling the vacated position at Aulani is current managing director Elliot Mills.  Mills previously served as general manager for two other hotel operations in Hawai'i.  

Reader Comments
Re: Rivers departing Aulani -- wdrl
Wednesday, 11 January 2012 17:53
I had a 'Roseanne Rosannadana' moment when I saw the headline for this article.

Why is Disney removing the Lazy RIVER from the pool area? Is there a problem with the filtration system and swimmers are getting sick from the water? Are people getting hurt while sloshing around? And what will Disney put in its place if it takes out the Lazy RIVER?

Oh, the article is talking about Djuan Rivers. . . .

Never mind.
Re: Rivers departing Aulani -- worldfanatic
Wednesday, 11 January 2012 22:39
^^^ :grin::grin::grin: ^^^
Re: Rivers departing Aulani -- dizfan
Thursday, 12 January 2012 03:14
The previous head of Disneyland Paris' hotels will be coming to California to take over the hotels at Disneyland.

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