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Friday Feature: That White FedEx Box

We've often said that one of the primary benefits of buying Disney Vacation Club points direct from the developer is the ease of the purchase.  A few days after the initial deposit is placed on a credit card, FedEx will arrive at your door with a weighty box full of documents to sign, documents to keep and even a little gift for the new member.  Let's take a couple mintues to look at exactly what new buyers can expect to receive from Disney Vacation Development. 

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Rumors of the Disney Vacation Club adding units to Disney’s Contemporary Resort are almost as old as DVC itself.  After all, it seemed like the prefect solution to the problem that the Contemporary had become:  an aging eyesore that held little appeal to Walt Disney World guests despite its status as a landmark resort and its prime location within a stone’s throw of the Magic Kingdom.  Rumors regarding the CR were commonplace, and often of the “my brother’s girlfriend’s cousin who is in the College Program said…” variety.  Over time these rumors were given as much credence as stories of a fifth theme park or upcoming monorail expansion. 


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