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Disney Vacation Club merchandise now available at!

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Disney Vacation Club Merchandise

Written by Tim Krasniewski on . Posted in Content

The following items are generic Disney Vacation Club merchandise with no specific resort affiliation.  Many of these items can be found in the gift shops of all DVC resorts.

Photo (click to enlarge)





Date Added
DVC Logo baseball cap DVC logo beige baseball cap 400005 487132 $24.95 BoardWalk December 2012
Member tee shirt DVC Member gray / green tee shirt 400006 999351 $24.95 BoardWalk December 2012
Nike polo DVC Member Nike brand polo 400005 523359 $54.95 BoardWalk December 2012
Magnet clip DVC Member magnet clip 400006 920201 $4.95 BoardWalk December 2012
DVC Keyring DVC Key-shaped Keyring 400005 523120 $8.95 BoardWalk December 2012
DVC Luggage Tag DVC Member Luggage Tag 400005 495861 $7.95 BoardWalk December 2012
DVC Beach Towel DVC Beach Towel 400005 646577 $19.95 BoardWalk

May 2012

DVC Blanket DVC Blanket 400006 226921 $49.95 BoardWalk May 2012
Coffee Mug DVC Member Coffee Mug 400005 507625 $10.95 BoardWalk May 2012

Water Bottle
DVC Water Bottle 400005 495823 $14.95 BoardWalk May 2012

DVC Keychain DVC Keychain 400005 478611 $7.95 BoardWalk December 2012
Car Magnet DVC Car Magnet 400005 496035 $4.95 BoardWalk December 2012
DVC Umbrella DVC Umbrella 400005 491450 $16.95 BoardWalk May 2012
DVC Navy Tee DVC Member Navy Tee 400005 523595 $24.95 BoardWalk May 2012

DVC Logo White Fleece White fleece with pink DVC logo 400005 548529 $54.95 BoardWalk

January 2012

DVC White Tee White DVC Member tee 400005 501579 $31.95 BoardWalk

January 2012

DVC Pink Tee Pink v-neck DVC Member tee 400005 500541 $31.95 BoardWalk

January 2012

Blue DVC Logo Tee Navy blue DVC logo tee 400005 498206 $27.95 BoardWalk

January 2012

Green Long-Sleeve DVC Logo Tee Dark Green Long-Sleeve Logo Tee 400005 523656 $31.95 BoardWalk

January 2012

Light Blue Logo Fleece Light Blue Fleece Pullover 400005 470066 $54.95 Beach Club

December 2011

Navy DVC Fleece Pullover Navy Blue DVC Logo Fleece Pullover 400005 474750 $54.95 Beach Club

December 2011

DVC Logo Navy Buttondown Shirt Navy Blue Buttondown Shirt

400005 474590

$49.95 BoardWalk

May 2012

DVC Logo Windbreaker DVC Logo Windbreaker 400005 474668 $59.95 Wilderness Lodge December 2011
Gray DVC Logo Hoodie Gray DVC Logo Hoodie 400005 495755 $59.95 BoardWalk

May 2012

DVC Logo Travel Mug DVC Logo Travel Mug

400005 470516

$17.95 BoardWalk

January 2012

Blue DVC Logo Tote Bag Blue DVC Logo Tote Bag

400005 634499

$34.95 BoardWalk

May 2012

DVC Logo Backpack DVC Logo Backpack 400005 634475

$29.95 BoardWalk

May 2012 cannot guarantee the availability of any items listed above.  Items may be discontinued or fall into short supply at any time.  Those who are informed that an item has been discontinued are welcome to contact us so that we may remove the item from our listings.

For order information visit the main DVC Merchandise Catalog page.

These item descriptions and photos are being provided as a courtesy to DVC members. does not receive any compensation for sales generated by these listings.  The Merchandise Guest Services division is staffed by employees of The Walt Disney Company.  Comments or questions regarding the quality of items, shipping time, pricing, etc. should be directed to the MGS staff.

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