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2017 DVC Condo Meeting Today!

Join us today at 2pm Eastern on Thursday, December 7 as we report live from the Disney Vacation Club owners meeting at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.  

Disney Vacation Club

The approximately one hour meeting is both a look back at 2017 as well as a look forward toward 2018.  There are a few legal requirements involved, as the DVC Board of Directors meets to ratify member dues for the coming year and address other official business.  But most of the session is dedicated to updating members on the Disney timeshare program.  

For many years, DVCNews has posted live comments to Twitter or Facebook.  This year we’re trying something different, with the addition of a live chat feature right on our homepage.  Visit DVCNews.com and you should see it right near the top of the page.  The chat feature is supported by most web browsers including mobile devices.  It even has an auto refresh feature, meaning you don’t have to keep reloading your browser to see the latest updates.  Fair warning:  although we have tested this new feature, there hasn’t been any way to replicate the server load which may occur as many owners connect to watch during the meeting.  If we encounter any technical problems, we will switch over to posting from our Twitter account at http://twitter.com/dvcnews.

Also the chat session is not 2-way; only DVCNews staff will be able to post.  It is difficult to answer questions while posting, but you can try to hit me up on Twitter.  

If you miss the live chat session, click on the “history” button within the chat feature to review our posts throughout the meeting.  

Hope to see you there!

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: 2017 DVC Condo Meeting Today! -- wdrl
2017 Dec 07 02:32:21 PM
This photo was displayed at the Annual Meeting to show the Old Key West refurbishment:

Re: 2017 DVC Condo Meeting Today! -- wdrl
2017 Dec 07 02:45:30 PM
Photo of some of the hurricane damaged suffered by DVC resorts this past September due to Hurricane Irma:

Re: 2017 DVC Condo Meeting Today! -- JaxFLBear
2017 Dec 07 03:29:39 PM
I really liked the live blog you used this year. It was so much better than trying to follow via twitter or any other social media platform.
Re: 2017 DVC Condo Meeting Today! -- CarolMN
2017 Dec 07 05:58:04 PM
Me, too! Thanks for doing it.
Re: 2017 DVC Condo Meeting Today! -- wdrl
2017 Dec 08 09:26:34 AM
There were several announcements made at yesterday's annual meeting, but I would not characterize any as big surprises.

News had already broke that Reunion Station at Copper Creek was going to be a concierge, so the confirmation announcement was a bit anti climatic.

DVC mentioned the Riviera Resort, which will open in Fall 2019, but offered few details, which didn't surprise me. Ken Potrock did disclose that the Riviera Resort will have a roof top restaurant that will offer views of the night time fireworks shows at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

DVC mentioned that SSR will be getting a major refurbishment that will carry into 2019. If I remember correctly, DVC said it will give SSR rooms "a whole new look."

DVC made several pronouncements about a new and improved approach to housekeeping and bedding (pillows, bed tops, even improved sofa sleepers). These are all nice to hear.

Maybe I'm overlooking something, but yesterday's meeting didn't have any big "Wow" moments. Or did I miss something?
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