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2017 March Madness Tournament Challenge

For the fifth straight year, we're inviting all DVCNews.com readers to compete against their fellow Disney Vacation Club members in the ESPN NCAA Tournament Challenge.  

NCAA Tourney 2017

DVCNews.com is again hosting a NCAA tournament bracket Group on ESPN.com.  Posters to our discussion forum and other site fans are welcome to create a bracket and join in our contest.  

To join, visit ESPN.com at THIS LINK.  

Since ESPN is part of the Disney "family", use an existing Disney website Username and Password to log-in. (The same one used to access DVCMember.com should work.)  Once logged in, use the "My Brackets" menu to "Create An Entry." When complete, use the "Create of Join a Group" feature to search existing groups and find the group named DVCNews.com:

NCAA Tourney Setup

Brackets can be completed on-line or via the "ESPN Tournament Challenge" app for smartphones and other mobile devices (Apple, Android, etc.)

The deadline for entry is noon eastern on Thursday, March 16, 2017.  Limit one entry per user, please.  

Note that this is purely for fun.  No prizes will be awareded by DVCNews.com.  Questions or comments are welcome on the Discussion Forum thread.   

Reader Comments
Re: 2017 March Madness Tournament Challenge -- denlo
2017 Mar 13 05:49:18 PM
Confirming article link.
Re: 2017 March Madness Tournament Challenge -- Stitch
2017 Mar 22 03:44:52 PM
Big night tomorrow.

While far from the front, I'm just glad I'm hanging in there.

Tough weekend for the Duke fans!

On the line tomorrow are Kansas, Gonzaga and Arizona! The top four brackets in our group all have Gonzaga, so coule be real interesting if they get upset.

Can't wait till Thursday night!
Re: 2017 March Madness Tournament Challenge -- micelike
2017 Mar 23 08:44:37 AM
Stitch wrote:

Tough weekend for the Duke fans!

But good weekend for Carolina fans (both states)! ;-)

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